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10 Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs of All Time

Entertainment10 Best Ozzy Osbourne Songs of All Time

Ozzy Osbourne, often referred to as the “Prince of Darkness,” is an iconic figure in the world of heavy metal and rock music. As the frontman for the legendary band Black Sabbath and a successful solo artist, Ozzy has left an indelible mark on the music industry. In this blog post, we will delve into the 10 best Ozzy Osbourne songs of all time, celebrating his enduring legacy and the unforgettable tracks that have defined his career. For those looking for a free music collection, you can explore options on Ytmp3.

1. “Crazy Train” (1980)

“Crazy Train” is perhaps Ozzy Osbourne’s most iconic song. Released as the opening track of his debut solo album, “Blizzard of Ozz,” in 1980, the song immediately captured the attention of rock enthusiasts. With its electrifying guitar riff and Ozzy’s unmistakable vocal delivery, “Crazy Train” has become an anthem for rock and metal fans around the world.

2. “Mr. Crowley” (1980)

From the same album as “Crazy Train,” “Mr. Crowley” showcases Ozzy’s penchant for the dark and mysterious. The song’s haunting intro and Randy Rhoads’ legendary guitar solo are just a few reasons it remains a standout in Ozzy’s discography.

3. “Bark at the Moon” (1983)

The title track of Ozzy’s 1983 album, “Bark at the Moon,” is a powerful and memorable song. With its driving rhythm and catchy chorus, it’s a crowd favorite at Ozzy’s live performances. The song’s eerie music video, featuring Ozzy transforming into a werewolf, is equally legendary.

4. “No More Tears” (1991)

No More Tears” is a powerful ballad that showcases Ozzy’s versatility as an artist. The song, released on the album of the same name, is notable for its emotional depth and expressive guitar work. It remains a beloved classic and a testament to Ozzy’s enduring talent. If you’re looking to download and use free music for YouTube videos and social media, you can explore options on Mp3 Juice.

5. “Mama, I’m Coming Home” (1991)

Another standout from the “No More Tears” album, “Mama, I’m Coming Home” is a touching and heartfelt ballad. Ozzy’s emotive vocals and the song’s universal theme of returning home have made it a favorite among his fans. It’s a rare glimpse into the softer side of the Prince of Darkness.

6. “Shot in the Dark” (1986)

“Shot in the Dark” is a highlight from Ozzy’s 1986 album “The Ultimate Sin.” The song is known for its infectious chorus and memorable guitar work. Its radio-friendly appeal and Ozzy’s distinctive vocals make it a classic of the era.

7. “Crazy Babies” (1988)

Featured on the album “No Rest for the Wicked,” “Crazy Babies” is a headbanging favorite. The song’s heavy riff and Ozzy’s energetic delivery exemplify his mastery of the metal genre. It’s a high-energy track that’s a must-listen for any Ozzy fan.

8. “Suicide Solution” (1980)

While “Suicide Solution” sparked controversy upon its release, it remains an essential song in Ozzy’s catalog. The track addresses the topic of alcohol abuse, and it’s notable for its intense guitar work and Ozzy’s signature vocal style.

9. “Over the Mountain” (1982)

“Over the Mountain” is a powerful opening track from Ozzy’s 1982 album “Diary of a Madman.” With its thunderous guitar riff and Ozzy’s commanding presence, it sets the tone for the entire album. The song’s live performances are known for their high energy and audience participation.

10. “I Don’t Know” (1980)

“I Don’t Know” is the opening track of Ozzy’s “Blizzard of Ozz” album. With its raw and aggressive sound, the song introduced Ozzy’s solo career to the world. It’s a high-impact track that has remained a classic in his live shows.


Ozzy Osbourne’s career has been marked by numerous hits, but these ten songs stand out as some of his finest work. Whether he’s delivering anthems that ignite the stage or heartfelt ballads that touch the soul, Ozzy’s ability to connect with his audience has left an enduring mark on the world of rock and metal. His songs continue to be cherished by fans of all ages, ensuring that his legacy as a rock and metal icon endures for generations to come.

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