Biology is a crucial branch of science. It makes us acquainted with the living world. In this regard, practical work is an integral part of any biology curriculum, as it allows students to observe and learn about the natural world firsthand. For intermediate students, biology lab manual class 12 is an excellent book. It helps them understand complex biological concepts, such as cell structure and function, genetics, and ecology. Lab manuals are an excellent resource that provides a structured approach to conducting experiments, ensuring that students follow the proper scientific method. In this blog, we will discuss ten essential biology lab experiments for class 12 students that cover various topics in biology.

10 Essential Biology Lab Manual Experiments

Some of the essential core experiments provided in the Biology lab manual class 12 include the following: 

  • Taxonomy: Study of Floral Characteristics
  • Study of Arrangement / Distribution of Stomata in Dicot and Monocot Leaves
  • Study of Soils
  • Study of the Effect of Temperature and pH on the Activity of Salivary Amylase on Starch
  • Isolation of DNA from Available Plant Material
  • Study of Permanent Slides: Identification and Comments
  • Study of Morphological Adaptations of Xeric Plants and Animals
  • Study of Morphological Adaptations of Aquatic Plants and Animals
  • Field and Herbarium Techniques
  • Study of Flowers Adapted to Pollination by Different Agencies

About ISC Biology Lab Manual for Class 12

The ISC Biology lab manual class 12 has been published by Nageen Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. and written by V. Singh and D. K. Jain. The lab manual has been written according to the latest syllabus of ISC practical examinations. It has been written and illustrated in clearheaded language, covering all the essential facts you will want to conduct the experiments about. 

The book is divided into two different sections – core experiments and investigative experiments. A higher number of core experiments explain the deeper aspects of every concept. The investigative experiments are based on projects that you can do yourself.

4 Features of the Biology Lab Manual for Class 12 Students

Below mentioned are some of the unique features which make this book worth its value. These include:

Detailed Guidelines and Suggestions

One of the great aspects of this book is its precise guidelines and suggestions. With these guidelines, students will be able to successfully understand the experiments and how to implement them. For example, in the Taxonomy section, students can dissect a flower, draw its formula, and observe diagrams of different families to understand each floral characteristic. The book effectively helps students comprehend all the steps required for conducting experiments. 

Elaborating Topics in an Easy Language

A complicated language makes it difficult for the students to learn. Biology is an inherently detailed subject, which could eventually become confusing if explained in a complex writing style. Students can smoothly read through it and conduct the experimentation according to the guidelines. 

The easy language allows students to retain knowledge easily. The ultimate motive behind the lab manual is to ensure that students perform well in their examinations and are prepared for their future competitive exams effectively. 

Covers all Essential Facts

This book covers all the necessary facts and information that students need to know. These facts have been constructed following the ISC syllabus, which provides a combination of core experiments and investigative experiments. 

The investigative experiments have been provided to cover the project section that will help students ace the examinations. Further, with the help of the lab manual, students can maintain their practical school file, assisting them in scoring high marks in practicals.

Illustrated Abbreviations

To make learning communication quick, abbreviations are used in lab manuals. To ensure you easily understand and remember these terms without any challenges, this book contains all those abbreviations. Those will help you in being clear with your concepts. If you retain the list carefully, you won’t have any issues with your examinations either. 


Now that you know about all the essential experiments and how a lab manual helps you, purchase it from renowned and trustworthy platforms. Compare different online sellers to get the best deal.

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