In this age of fast change, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed almost every part of our lives. The same holds for making content. It’s good for business, and it helps make work much easier as well as faster. The AI will give you short, relevant content that can be written within a blink of an eye.  No one agrees, however, that robots can replace human creativity, which is needed to meet the different needs of content writing. Here are the best free tools for making sure that content is original. Find out what are the best AI checker tools available today online.

These AI text detectors look for real human emotions, thoughts, feelings, creative expressions, and a genuine relationship with your readers, all of which are important for the business’s success. In this list and price comparison of the best AI checkers, we looked at the top 3 products and found some of the most accurate AI detectors on the market. One per thousand words is the usual rate. Let’s study and compare them alongside:

1.      Easy AI Checker | Best AI Content Detector

Easy AI Checker Tool
Easy AI Checker Tool

Our best recommendation on the ranking is the Easy AI checker, which brings together several essential AI detection tools that content producers and publishers require. It is a free AI-generated content detector for people who make their content. It has a free, incredible daily and monthly word detection range that works well for firms and individuals.


  • AI content checker
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Downloadable PDF format
  • Upload documents
  • Scan AI content via URLs
  • Amazing Fix tool for humanizing the content


The prices are split into five groups to meet various needs and budgets. The categories are Free Monthly, Pay-as-you-go, Premium, Enterprise, and Corporate.


  • 3,000 free words without login every day (Free)
  • 9,000 free words without login each month (Free)
  • 6,000 free words logged in per day (Free)
  • 18,000 free words logged in each month (Free)
  • 20,000 words for Bonus Action (Review & link)


  • Words 20,000 for only $12 Pay as You Go (Only $0.60 For 1000 words)
  • Words 100,000 for only $12 each month (Only $0.12 For 1000 words)
  • Words 1,200,000 for only $100 yearly (Only $0.083 For 1000 words)


  • Words 1,000,000 for only $100 each month (Only $0.10 For 1000 words)
  • Words 12,000,000 for only $1000 yearly (Only $0.083 For 1000 words)


  • Words 1,000,000 for $100/month (Only $0.10 For 1000 words)

2. | AI Content Detector

Writer AI Checker Tool
Writer AI Checker Tool

Writer’s AI Content Detector is extremely basic, with no document upload or formatting choices. The AI checker in Write provides a straightforward text dialogue box and a URL choice. Writers’ checkers only identified around half of the identical test articles—entirely generated by AI—as being developed. Search Engine Land has identified the Writer AI detector as an effective and satisfactory tool for inspecting AI patterns. This tool is for an AI text scanner with respectable features and a higher detection rate. The trial’s word count is restricted to 150, insufficient to adequately test it.


  • AI text detection
  • API integration


  • Words limit 15,000 for $18 per month ($1.20 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 180,000 for $162 per year ($0.90 per 1000 words)

3.      Copy Leaks AI Text Checker

Copy Leaks AI Checker Tool
Copy Leaks AI Checker Tool

The most accurate AI detector and plagiarism analyzer are available at Copy Leaks. Their AI detector performs significantly better than any other free application and has long been the market expert for plagiarism checking. You are free to try it out. There is also a daily limit for the tool to check AI content. According to the Tech Crunch, the Copy Leaks identifies performers satisfactorily and detects much AI-generated content.

The size of the output screen is a critical issue. The screen only displays a content sample when you test a lengthier one. Only roughly ten lines of your text will appear in the detector if you take a screenshot to provide evidence to your instructor. And the result accuracy is 60%. However, it sometimes works to 90% accuracy.


  • AI content checker
  • Plagiarism detector
  • AI Grader for examinations
  • Gen AI governance


  • Words limit 25,000 for $10.99 per month ($0.44 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 62,500 for $24.99 per month ($0.40 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 125,000 for $40.99 per month ($0.32 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 300,000 for $109.98 per year ($0.36 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 750,000 for $249.84 per year ($0.33 per 1000 words)
  • Words limit 1,500,000 for $409.92 per year ($0.27 per 1000 words)


In summary, Easy AI Checker emerges as the unrivaled champion in AI content detection, striking the perfect balance between effectiveness and cost-efficiency. What truly sets it apart is its extraordinarily generous allocation of free word credits, ushering in a significant expansion of available word limits. Throughout my comprehensive testing, I found myself liberated from the constraints of word limits, a particularly welcome relief for independent content creators. Easy AI Checker’s offering of 6,000 words per day and 18,000 words per month, all without cost, is exceptional. This abundant resource allowed me to embark on a content creation spree without ever reaching for my wallet.

Yet, as highlighted in the comparison above, what truly adds to its allure is its reputation for being the most reliable, pinpoint-accurate, and budget-friendly AI-checking tool in the digital landscape. It’s nothing short of a blessing for content publishers, seamlessly blending trustworthiness and affordability to elevate your content creation endeavors to new heights.

AI has captured the online world by making all of the content. AI-generated content is used by thousands and thousands of content creators, marketers, and small and large businesses to step up their game. It lets you make content quickly and well to move up in the ranks. When it comes to content created by AI, it’s essential to be careful. It could be good for your business but also hurt your reputation and long-term success. Some problems could be a lack of imagination, an inability to express emotions, a lack of awareness of context, wrong information, and trouble with complex tasks. AI needs to be put into place thoughtfully, bearing in mind both its pros and cons.

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