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3 Common Issues Causing Fuzzy Print-Outs

Business3 Common Issues Causing Fuzzy Print-Outs

Are you tired of getting faded printing results? Or are you rethinking your decision to buy a printing device? Well, whatever you’re thinking, it’s time for you to say goodbye to all your regrets and worries as this article is intended for you.

Fuzzy print-outs have become quite common and people have been seen to complain about this issue frequently, while not getting desirable printing results from their machines. There is no doubt about the fact that getting quality printers from reputable printing brands like Xerox, significantly decreases the chance of unappealing printing results. However, there are a lot of other reasons due to which you might not be getting the result of your choice.

Most common issues of faded print-outs

Upon ample research and getting into the technical details of printing devices, this article successfully comes up with some of the underlying problems due to which you’re getting faded print-outs.

Here are the three most usual causes of faded print-outs from which majority is unaware.

1. Low toner levels

The first and most evident reason of getting lighter print-outs is that your cartridge may be running low on ink. So, make sure to check your toner cartridge to ensure acceptable ink levels.  This can be done by going to the control panel of the PC from which your printer is connected. Go to printer properties and click on “check cartridge status”.

This option will tell you about the exact levels of ink in your cartridge. Moreover, if you’re using an ink-jet printer also ensure to check the nozzles of cartridge to see if there is any dried material stuck on it. If it is, then clean it with a moist cloth while your device is switched off.

For a laser printer, it is also a good option to shake your printer, either way, but it should be done gently.

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2. Troublesome transfer roller

Secondly, it could be the transfer rollers of your printer that can be causing the issue. Transfer rollers uses its electrical charge to get the toner from your cartridge drum on the paper. Thus, it is seen that sometimes that drum isn’t correctly placed causing light prints. A wise way of handling troublesome transfer roller is to carefully disassemble them from hooks and insert it again correctly.

3. Default toner/ink density settings

There are printers which allow you to adjust the settings of your toner and ink. It could be a possibility that those settings are set to low and are causing dim print-outs. Hence, check your printing device for such settings. By opting for quality devices like Xerox printers you can have them set as per your choice by carefully going through the device’s manual.

However, in the case of other printing devices, click on ‘Devices and printers’ and then check for the density settings of ink. Set it to high density to get vibrant and catchy print-outs as you want.

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Want to get rid of all these problems instantly?

Printers are common looking devices yet extremely essential for making your business run. Imagine getting faded prints or missing text on the newspaper. Thus, by opting for Xerox UAE printers, you can ensure getting quality printing results along with.

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