The monkeypox virus, also called MPOX virus, which is rapidly spreading throughout the world’s nations, has posed a significant risk to the health of the people, resulting in many deaths. The news reported that patients with immunodeficiency are at high risk of getting this virus in particular. And the current monkeypox outbreak first occurred outside of Africa and was also transmitted from human to human. As a result, it is critical to create efficient medications or vaccinations to combat this virus and protect individuals from getting sick. In recent years, extensive research regarding the monkeypox virus has been conducted across the world. Meanwhile, there is also good news for the global nation that some surprising findings have been discovered.

Recently, a scientific team from Goethe University and the University of Kent published a study paper in the Journal of Medical Virology. The paper showed that the scientific team had discovered a compound called nitroxoline that might be useful in fighting the disease. According to the research team, Nitroxoline is a promising drug candidate for the monkeypox virus, and it is also effective against a tecovirimat-resistant strain of the monkeypox virus as well as against other viral and bacterial pathogens that are frequently co-transmitted with monkeypox viruses, which means that it simultaneously suppresses multiple pathogens that are frequently involved in severe courses of monkeypox.

This new finding is caused by the great concern of researchers working in this field. At the same time, it also gives people who are suffering from the disease great hope. Although there are no effective drugs developed to treat people who are suffering from the monkeypox virus, new findings will greatly motivate the discovery of new therapies and effective monkeypox vaccines.

In order to help researchers accelerate the discovery of available therapies for the monkeypox virus, multiple monkeypox virus products (only for research use) and innovative solutions are provided by diverse laboratories or life science companies, such as the nucleic acid-based anti-monkeypox drug discovery solutions and inhibitor-based anti-monkeypox drug discovery solutions provided by Creative Biolabs that are flexible according to researchers’ demands.


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