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A Thriving Country for the IT-BPM Industry: the Philippines

BusinessA Thriving Country for the IT-BPM Industry: the Philippines

Business expansion is a lot of work, and keeping everything in order can be difficult. Fortunately, outsourcing has been a game changer regarding efficiency and productivity for many businesses in different sectors. If you are interested in outsourcing your business processes, particularly in the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) field, you should consider the Philippines for your needs.

Information Technology and Business Process Management in the Philippines

The IT-BPM sector in the Philippines has been experiencing steady growth over the last few years and has become a significant contributor to the country’s economy. Here is a deep dive into the industry and reasons to choose the Philippines as your outsourcing destination.

How Does the IT-BPM Industry in the Philippines Look?

While the country is known as the world’s call center capital, many other sub-sectors are now taking advantage of the abilities of Filipino workers. Software and video game development, animation, and marketing, to name a few.

The sector generated $26.7 billion in revenue in 2021 despite having one of the longest pandemic lockdowns in the world. With increased government support and global recognition, the growth will likely continue in the coming years. The government predicts this sector to create over 1 million new jobs by 2028.

Specifically, the government created the Philippine Digital Transformation Strategy. The IT & Business Process Association Philippines (IBPAP) created the IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028 to nurture and speed up the industry’s progress. They hope to improve digital infrastructure and provide training to upskill Filipino workers.

Today, clerical tasks are no longer the limit for Filipino workers. With the previously mentioned government programs and the general improvement of educational quality, Filipino professionals, particularly those in IT and engineering, are becoming competitive with those of other countries.

Why Choose the Philippines?

One of the primary reasons why the Philippines has become a preferred outsourcing destination is the country’s English-speaking workforce. Filipinos are highly proficient in English and have a relatively neutral accent, making them ideal for customer service and other people-facing roles.

Another reason is that the majority of the workers in the country are under 44, making the average Filipino worker relatively young and, therefore, willing and able to learn new skills. The salary levels are lower, too, at around $12 – $14 per hour on average.

The industry did more than weather the pandemic; the prolonged isolation forced the government and private organizations to develop digital infrastructure rapidly. Most Filipinos became used to navigating their schooling and work online. These changes created a heavily digitized group of potential workers in a few short years.

These traits and features combine to make a highly-skilled, easily trained, and communicative labor pool that costs much less than other options. Moreover, they are already used to working remotely, making the Philippines the perfect outsourcing destination country.

The Philippines: A Thriving Destination for IT-BPM Outsourcing

The Philippines is the ideal source for outsourced IT-BPM professionals. Its young and talented workforce trains quickly at a comparatively low cost. It is a thriving industry, and the government promotes its growth, meaning newly educated individuals join the labor pool daily.

If you are looking to hire in the Philippines and want a closer look at the sector, including statistics and predictions for the future from various organizations, check out the infographic below!

infographic by EB Call Center on the IT-BPM industry in the Philippines


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