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Amazon Shopping Coupons You Need to Know About Today

BusinessAmazon Shopping Coupons You Need to Know About Today

Are you looking to save money on your next Amazon purchase? Amazon offers a variety of coupons and promo codes that can help you score big discounts on popular products. In this article, we’ll overview the top Amazon coupon codes available right now and provide tips for maximizing your savings.

Overview of Amazon Coupons

Amazon makes it easy for shoppers to find deals and discounts. The retail giant provides the following main types of coupons:

Types of Amazon Coupons

  • Promo Codes – These alphanumeric codes can be entered at checkout to redeem a percentage or dollar amount off your purchase. Promo codes are offered by both Amazon directly or third-party sellers.
  • Digital Coupons – Downloadable coupons that can be clipped to your Amazon account and automatically applied at checkout. These are offered directly from Amazon.
  • Subscribe & Save Discounts – Save up to 15% when you sign up for regular deliveries of select products through the Subscribe & Save program.
  • Lightning Deals – Short-term discounts on limited quantities of popular products. These flash deals typically last just a few hours.

How to Find Amazon Coupons

Amazon makes it easy to find available coupons and deals:

  • Check the “Today’s Deals” page for discounts updated daily.
  • Browse the “Coupons” page for available digital coupons.
  • Check the product description and seller details for any promo codes.
  • Install the Amazon Assistant browser extension to be notified of relevant deals.
  • Check the Gold Box page for Lightning Deals and limited-time offers.

Top Amazon Coupon Codes

Ready to start saving? Here are some of the best amazon promo codes 20% off anything and deals available right now:

Amazon Prime Member Coupons

One of the best ways to save as an Amazon shopper is to take advantage of the many perks of an Amazon Prime membership. Current promotions allow new Prime members to save 25% off select items in categories like home, kitchen, toys, and electronics. There are also additional Prime member coupons at Whole Foods Market.

Amazon Subscribe & Save Coupons

For products you use regularly, the Subscribe & Save program lets you schedule recurring deliveries with up to 15% off. Discount levels increase the more products you add. Right now, you can save even more by clipping digital coupons on eligible Subscribe & Save items.

Amazon Kindle Coupons

Avid reader? Amazon routinely offers promo codes taking 25-30% off Kindles to help you save on an e-reader. They also run deals on Kindle Unlimited memberships and Kindle ebooks. Check the site often for the latest Kindle deals.

Tips for Using Amazon Coupons

Follow these tips to make sure you’re maximizing savings with Amazon coupons:

Create an Amazon Coupons Account

Register for an account on Amazon Coupons to find and clip digital coupons easily. This also makes available coupons easier to access at checkout.

Use Honey Browser Extension

Install the free Honey browser extension to automatically apply any available promo codes at checkout. It will save you time hunting for codes.

Check for Coupons Before Checking Out

Make it a habit to look for coupons on the product page, seller details, and coupons page before adding items to your cart and checking out to avoid missing potential savings.


Using Amazon coupons allows savvy shoppers to save big bucks. With promo codes, digital coupons, Lightning Deals, and Prime member savings, there are always great ways to reduce your spending when you know where to look. Follow the tips outlined here to maximize savings on your next Amazon order.


  • Amazon offers promo codes, digital coupons, Subscribe & Save discounts, and Lightning Deals.
  • Check Today’s Deals, the Coupons page, and product listings for available coupons.
  • Prime members and Kindle shoppers can save 25% or more with current promo codes.
  • Use tools like Honey and an Amazon Coupons account to easily find and apply codes.


What are the main types of Amazon’s coupons available?

The main types are promo codes, digital coupons, Subscribe & Save discounts, and Lightning Deals. Promo codes and digital coupons provide percentage or dollar discounts, Subscribe & Save offers recurring delivery savings, and Lightning Deals are short-term discounts on limited-quantity products.

Where can I find Amazon coupon codes to use?

Check the product listings, seller details, Today’s Deals page, and the Amazon Coupons page. Also install browser extensions like Honey or the Amazon’s Assistant to be notified of relevant promo codes.

How much can I save with an Amazon Prime membership?

Amazon Prime members can save 25% on select items across categories like home, kitchen, electronics, and toys. There are also exclusive member coupons available at Whole Foods Market.

What products tend to have the best Amazon’s coupons?

Some of the best coupons are for Kindle e-readers and books, Echo devices, household essentials through Subscribe & Save, and electronics/gaming gear.

What tips do you have for maximizing Amazon’s coupon savings?

Create an Amazon Coupons account, use tools like Honey to auto-apply codes, always check for coupons before you buy, and take advantage of Prime member and Subscribe & Save discounts. Check back often for new deals.

Final Thoughts

The key is staying up to date on the latest coupon codes and taking advantage of daily deals when you can. Bookmark the Amazon’s Coupons page and check it often so you never miss a great discount. With a little effort, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save!


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