Amber Heard, the star of the Aquaman lost kingdom, had a troubled year as her personal life gained alot of media attention which led to boycott Aquaman 2 trending on social media. In the high-profile defamation trial between Depp (her husband) and Heard that took place in Virginia last spring, both parties made charges of assault and domestic violence against one another, giving a significant boost to the “domestic abuser” petition. More over $10 million went to Depp from the jury’s final tally, while Heard won $2 million. Heard was unable to use the weight of the facts to overcome her ex-husband’s immense influence and authority, and shre was understandably devastated by the verdict.

Despite complaints from Johnny Depp fans, the Aquaman 2 teaser features Amber Heard’s return. According to Deadline, Heard’s character Mera makes a short appearance in the trailer during a combat sequence. A petition started by Johnny Depp fans demanding that Heard not appear in the sequel has garnered over 4.6 million votes in the intervening years

Trailer has set the internet on fire

However, the appearance of Mera at the very end of the teaser caused a lot of people to gasp; even if it was just for a few seconds, it was sufficient to set the web on fire with hashtags of boycott Aquaman 2. Supporters of Johnny Depp might regard the selection of Amber Heard as an insult to their hero, but they are blind to the long tradition of misogyny in the entertainment industry and the distance that women still need to go. Despite the fact that Depp was singled for special praise in the aftermath of the end of the trial, it should be noted that both of them were at fault for the awful situation that their relationship was in. This demonstrates how archaic our society is and the way women persist in being disregarded and treated in a manner that is distinct from how men are handled.

Boycott Aquaman 2 hashtag is trending

Johnny Depp’s supporters are asserting that this campaign pertains to more than just Johnny Depp, despite the fact that Johnny Depp might not wish his fans to do this. Fans claim that as a result of his cause, an army of people have rallied to his side and have pledged to carry on the battle against the backdrop of poisonous feminism and abuse towards males. On Twitter, some followers have been spreading derogatory memes about Amber, like the one that is seen below, which is what has started the dispute.

Regardless of boycott Aquaman 2 controversy, Amber’s fans are excited

Heard responded to the criticisms levelled against her by admirers of Depp in an interview she gave to EW in the month of November. She said the following: “Sponsored rumours and sponsored advertising on social media don’t affect casting choices since they have no foundation in reality. Aquaman and its sequel were only produced thanks to the support of fans. I can’t wait to get started the next year. Amber expressed her enthusiasm for the impending sequel to the franchise’s film on Instagram by posting a photo of herself with Aquaman fans.

The actress, who portrays the Atlantean queen Mera opposing Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman in the flicks, can be seen taking selfies with fans and autograph pictures while wearing a black brim hat, a white short shirt, black leather leggings and heels.

A strange combination of horror and comedy is expected

The second film, set for premiere in cinemas in December 2022, will differ from its predecessor in more ways than only the controversies that dogged its predecessor. James Wan, who directed both films, has claimed that the next sequel would have a darker tone than the first film had in 2018. The director said at a panel discussion held in 2020. In a previous interview, Wan discussed the influence of an earlier horror film on his creative process while making Aquaman lost kingdom.

While the first film was a rare bright spot in the mostly grim realm of DC Comics-inspired films, Momoa has argued that the sequel is even funnier.  It’s fantastic even in written form. There is a great deal of activity. To me, the stakes seem much bigger now. The humour is plentiful. I laughed out loud when reading the script, so there’s that. It’s evident that there will be a lot of action in Aquaman lost kingdom, and maybe even some more shark riding, regardless of whether the film is comedic or terrifying.

Although the film’s plot is being kept under wraps, we can assume Aquaman will encounter at least two formidable adversaries. Orm is angry with Arthur for preventing him from becoming an Ocean Master, and Black Manta blames him for the murder of his father. Dr. Shin, who at the conclusion of the first film seemed to side with Black Manta, might possibly be a threat.

It may bring back the era of billion-dollar hits

The 2020 COVID shutdowns were still a way off when the initial Aquaman movie came out in 2018. Two years after the shutdowns, the film business still has not recovered to pre-crisis levels. But it doesn’t imply making a commercial success story now is impossible. Take Spider-Man: No Way Home’s $1.9 billion global earnings as an example.

Director James Wan revealed on Instagram on June 28 that filming has begun on the follow-up to Aquaman, the highest-grossing DC picture of all time with a worldwide total of $1.1 billion. Despite a decline in the number of box office successes, there are always gems out there waiting to be unearthed. With the right amount of marketing, Aquaman lost kingdom has the potential to revive the age of billion-dollar blockbusters.

One of the most awaited films of 2023

Despite the cast’s private problems, the film’s unwelcome delays, and the high hopes for its success, the movie has generated a lot of talk, and I myself can’t wait for it to be released. The original release date for the film was December 16, 2022. However, owing to COVID-related difficulties encountered by the film’s visual effects team, the release date was pushed out to the present day, March 17, 2023. After 45 days in theatres, it will be available to watch on HBO Max. The December 20, 2023 release date for Aquaman lost kingdom in the US has been set in stone.

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