Last-mile delivery is an essential aspect of the supply chain. This leg of the delivery process is the one that establishes the link between the retailer of companies and the customers. Therefore, making it as flawless as possible is a dire necessity. However, this part of the delivery process comes with its own set of challenges and problems.

The only possible way to do so is to invest in last-mile delivery software that will effortlessly automate transporting the orders to their final destination. It offers multiple solutions that will allow logistics companies to manage their delivery agents and deliver orders most efficiently. 

What is Last-Mile Delivery?

Last-mile delivery is the last step of the delivery process when the order reaches its final destination, the customer. After that, it has to undergo a lengthy process to reach the customer, from the orders arriving to the transportation hub, where they get delegated to delivery agents. 

It is the most crucial step in the entire logistic process and also the costliest. Companies are trying to ensure that customers receive their orders without having to face any inconvenience. Because if they do, they will be left feeling unsatisfied. This might cause them to shift their shopping preferences. And that is reason enough for you to automate your last-mile delivery process. 

Why is there a need for Automation of Last-Mile Delivery?

Retailers and delivery partners are left to face the brunt of failed and incompetent deliveries. When companies fail to offer fast and cheap delivery options, they might end up losing their customer base, which is undoubtedly bad for their business. These are some of the last-mile delivery problems that your companies might be struggling with:

Lack of Visibility

Delivery managers have no idea of the activities of the delivery agents. This could cause some mishaps to happen, like not being able to connect with them, unable to communicate canceled or rescheduled deliveries. Neither can they confirm the ETAs of the delivery agent to the customer.

There remains a certain level of uncertainty in the manager’s mind because they have no visibility of the actions of the delivery agents. 

Expensive Logistics

As said before last-mile delivery part of the logistics process is the most expensive part. The reason behind it is that the delivery agents have to battle with traffic, fuel prices, and finding the recipient’s address. In addition, the logistics companies have to pay the agents’ salaries, reimburse fuel prices and even ensure the maintenance of the delivery vehicles. This all adds to the expenses of last-mile delivery. 

Increased Emission of C02

Many countries’ governments undertaking oath to reduce their carbon emission have started incorporating green laws. The government is urging logistics companies to reduce their carbon footprints as well. Without last-mile delivery software in place, they are finding it difficult to reduce their fuel consumption as well as optimize their routes.

Lack of Optimized Routing

Building on the previous point, logistics partners are struggling to optimize their routes. And because of this, they are facing increased consumption of fuel, delayed deliveries, etc all this is leading to frustrated and unsatisfied customers. This is putting your business at risk.

Unpredicted Issues

Oftentimes the delivery agent might face some issues like vehicle breakdowns or roadblocks and deviations which might cause delays in delivery and other issues. However, there is no guarantee that you can avoid these issues always. But not knowing of these incidents might bring disorder to the schedule. 

How is using Last-Mile Delivery Software Can Automate?

Last-mile delivery software is a technology that will help you smoothen out almost all wrinkles in your last-mile delivery process. It does so through the solutions it has to offer. Logistics companies can manage vast volumes of orders and their delivery agents efficiently through the software.

Dispatch Management Solution

Manage your vast volume of orders through a dispatch management solution. Not only it ensures that the orders get proportionately distributed to all agents, keeping in mind the various factors, but it also helps in further route planning. 

Route Planning

The biggest challenge is optimizing the route to help you ensure that the deliveries are made on time. Our route planning solution does exactly that. It automates route planning software allowing managers to assign the best route for deliveries. They receive real time alerts if an agent deviates from the assigned path. 

Live Updates

Track the on-ground activities of your delivery agents with great accuracy. This helps to gain visibility of their work and location. In addition, as a manager, you are no longer needed to call them constantly. 

Proof Of Delivery

Providing POD is an integral part of last-mile delivery. Now delivery agents can do it automatically through the software’s app. In addition, it provides them with four options of POD – QR code scanning, OTP, e-Signature, and automatic. Through this, the last-mile delivery process comes to an end. 

Analytical Dashboard and Reports

Managers can access the analytical dashboards, allowing them to monitor the agents’ performance. They are also provided with real time reports which are beneficial for measuring the deliveries made, failed attempts, etc.

Rider APP

The software comes with a separate app for the delivery agents. This is beneficial as it promotes remote working. Through the app, the agents have the information on their next delivery location, order ID, etc. not only this, but they can even apply for leave, mark attendance and communicate with the office staff through the app. 

Automate Last-Mile Delivery With TrackoMile

Automating your last-mile delivery process will allow you to enjoy multiple benefits like reduced costs of the delivery process, less fuel consumption, and decreased delivery time. This is enough for any retailer to offer its customer what they desire the most – free and fast delivery. Not only this, but even the delivery manager gets full transparency and visibility of delivery without having to put in much effort.

TrackoMile is a last-mile delivery software that has a lot more to offer than just aiding the delivery of goods. It can help you monitor your delivery agents, measure their productivity and automate the process of assigning deliveries. 

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