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From its technological advanced film making procedures to the plot which portrayed the very interesting topic of competition, relations, human greed for power, and destruction of natural habitats, all aspects have played their part is making Avatar movie a state-of-the-art film. I read many Avatar movie reviews even before its release and most of those claimed that it will one of the highest grossing films of all time. And that turned out true because within 39 days of its release, Avatar became the highest grossing films of all time. Surpassing the Titanic by selling worth $1.86 billion international tickets in a very short time span of just six weeks.

There is no wonder the makers were very smart in using the advanced technology. But you will be surprised to know how smartly this movie depicted the concept of cloud-style database through its plot. Do you remember the consciousness transfer ritual? Yes, that is where Avatar movie used the concept of cloud-style database back in 2009. Back then cloud computing was a technology creating the most buzz but we did not realise how smartly Avatar movie used this concept.

Quick plot recap

If you have watched the movie, read Avatar movie reviews, or even watched the trailer you must be aware that Avatars were the residents of a planet called Pandora. Humans were trying to colonize Pandora with an intention to mine a very precious mineral “Unobtanium”. This human invasion of planet Pandora was a threat to existence of the Planet’s local tribe called “Na’vi” who were indigenous humanoids. But there were some ideas that many found confusing and difficult to understand. One of such concepts portrayed in the movie was transfer of consciousness.

Ritual of transfer of consciousness

Let me explain the meaning behind the ritual of transfer of consciousness and how it has been based on the concept of cloud storage. These indigenous humanoid species Avatars had a unique connection with a guiding force that they called Eywa. Which was believed to be capable of connecting the Avatars to all living things on their planet through a neuro-connective antennae system. i was confused about this concept when i read about it in different Avatar movie reviews, but it was actually very interestingly portrayed in movie. Once connected with the Eywa, Avatars could communicate with their ancestors. Moreover, by connecting their ponytails to a Tree of souls. They were able to transfer consciousness from one body to another body and could bring died avatar to life.

Reference to clod-based database

The movie did not explain the mechanics of transfer of consciousness but this was like a process of uploading one Avatar’s consciousness into a cloud database. And then downloading that into another avatar. They explained that consciousness of one avatar can be stored in Eye of Eywa and does not need to be stored into body of another Avatar. It’s like cut and paste of data as it implied that original one dies when the new Avatar wakes after the transfer of consciousness.

The makers used advanced film making technologies such as Fusion camera system to shoot it in 3D and combination of live action scenes with computer-generated images. The writer also ensured inclusion of technological aspects in all ideas the movie conveyed. This is why this movie is not only the treat for the eyes due to its amazing graphics, but is also one of the favorites of tech-savvy viewers.

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