Today’s lesson is one of the electricity education lessons that we offer from the Technology and Information website about the method of installing Best Solar Panel company in Pakistan and an explanation of the electrical circuit that forms the solar energy system. The installation of a solar energy system to provide a house with electricity is subject to some standards that must be respected by the person who installs the solar energy panels, so it is advised to install it by a professional and experienced person, but in this topic we will explain the most important stages of installing these panels and the steps that must be taken when installing.

Definition of solar energy

Solar energy is the energy that is produced through the sun’s rays, and this energy can be used as electrical energy or thermal energy, and when using this energy, we do not use any energy source from the earth such as oil, coal, or otherwise, so solar energy is called renewable energy and It is a clean energy that does not lead to any pollution on the earth, and this is one of the most prominent advantages of solar energy, which is what made interest in it increasing in order to develop it so that it would be a major source of electricity as well as wind energy

The most important steps for installing solar energy

When installing solar energy panels, you must make sure of the place where we will install these panels, as it must be able to carry these panels, and that this place is exposed to direct and free sunlight. We must make sure that there is no obstruction to the sun’s rays, such as no shadow reaching the location of the solar panels.

Any inclination in the solar panels installation area must be corrected by specialists to ensure that these panels are installed at the same angle of inclination.

Manufacture of an iron structure to place the solar panels on it, and it must be able to bear the weight of the panels.

Placing solar panels on the structure.

Connecting and connecting the solar panels to each other through electrical wires, so that we finally get only two wires, a positive wire in red and a negative wire in blue.

Connecting the wires of the solar panels to the electrical circuit of the house to be supplied with electricity, and this circuit consists of a voltage regulator that outputs 12 volts and a battery or several batteries if we have several solar panels with a good ampere, also an inverter that converts the voltage of 12 volts DC to 220 volts AC current to power home appliances.

How to connect the solar panel electric circuit

In the picture above and also in the video below, the electric circuit diagram in solar energy, and in the following is an additional explanation of how to connect this circuit First We take two wires from the Solar manufacturer in Pakistan we take the positive wire that is red and the negative wire that is blue and we connect them to the voltage regulator in the two inputs that have the symbol of the solar panels, we put the red wire in the positive + input and the blue wire in the negative input -.

Second: We take two positive and negative wires from the voltage regulator from the port that has the battery symbol on it and connect them to the battery. Polarity must be respected. The red wine is in the positive pole and the blue wire is in the negative pole.

Third: There remains a port on which the lamp symbol is located, and the wires that come out of this port go to feed lamps or devices that operate with a voltage of 12 volts DC, and polarity must always be respected when connecting any device to a continuous current.

Fourth: To operate electrical appliances with a voltage of 220 volts, we use INVERTER, which converts 12 volts direct current to 220 volts alternating current, so we must take two wires from the battery, positive and negative, and connect them to the positive and negative port in the first interface of the INVERTER.

Fifth: In the second interface of the INVERTER, an electrical socket is required, through which electrical appliances with a voltage of 220 volts AC are connected, and the capacity of the transformer must be taken into account so that it can operate the devices associated with it.

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