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Classic Disney stories like Cinderella, Snow White and Rapunzel have inspired millions and have been an inspiring part of my childhood too. But as I grew up, I started questioning a common concept that has been conveyed in most of these successful movies that is a beautiful princess waiting for a prince charming to drag her out of the misery. Let me share my Disney movie review on Brave and particularly my favourite character Merida

A great message of women empowerment

In today’s world, women empowerment is need of the time and the values we instill in our kids during their early years and teens play important role in shaping their personalities and ideologies. That is the reason why I believe, films must focus on encouraging the girls to be self-sufficient and have dreams of their own. What I admire about Disney and Pixar is that they are trying to be relevant by coming up with some progressive ideas like the one showed in Brave.

Attractive appearance and charm of Merida

The core character of Brave is Merida a red haired 16-year-old girl having huge dreams in her eyes, and passion to make her own destiny. The main conflict between Merida and her mother was that Merida did not want to get married at early age, and not because she was in love with another man. In fact, she was in love with the idea of being independent and to be an expert swordfighter and archer. Without being disrespectful towards her mother, she tries to convince her about her own opinions and aspirations. Here, an important message for viewers in my Disney movie review is that it is not necessary to walk on a path your parents choose for you, but you must never disrespect their opinions and try to reach a mutual agreement with grace and poise.

Inspiration for young girls

This is a very important issue that has been addressed in this plot because I have witnessed little girls dreaming of a happy married life since childhood and when their high expectations are not met, they became disappointed, and that becomes a cause of depression and anxiety. Apart from psychological impact of setting getting married to a prince charming as a benchmark for young girls, the financial dependence that comes along causes even larger impact. It is important to teach young girls how to be independent and master skills that they like so that they can pursue the careers they like and be independent. Yes, looking forward to have a desired partner is very obvious and natural, but making it a life goal could be damaging.

Great lessons from breaking stereotypes to setting sensible life goals

In Brave, Merida is nowhere close to associating her life goals with finding true love. Instead, she is dedicated towards learning skills and being best at those. This film has also broken a beauty stereotype that straight hair are the symbol of elegance and beauty. Most of the times, Disney films and cartoon characters show heroines having straight silky hair which I have always questioned. Brave has celebrated the naturally curled hair by Merida’s character flaunting her red locks. This headstrong and free-spirited royal princess has carried a unique look with pride and grace which has collectively left impression of strength and bravery.

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