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KYNKYNY, an online art gallery in India, has curated a list of top artists and is showcasing their Contemporary Indian Art and Modern Arts on one platform. Buy original Indian art online, with certified authenticity and worldwide shipping. Online Indian art gallery Bangalore promoting contemporary Indian art painters.

Online Indian Art Gallery Bangalore
Contemporary Indian Art in India

Indian Art Gallery

Value must be placed on genuine art and creators. To make anything special and magnificent, you need skill, vision, and work. Online art galleries enable artists and painters to congregate under one roof from any location in the country. Online art galleries offer a platform accessible to both consumers and artists because art knows no bounds. In order to assist and encourage both established and up-and-coming artisans, Kynkyny was founded in 2004. It offers a collection of more than 300 painters from over India, all of whose works are authentic and unique. Kynkyny also ships the collection all over the world.

Art Gallery in India
Art Gallery Bangalore

KYNKYNY was founded by the husband and wife duo Namu Kini and Vivek Radhakrishnan. With an aim to make the fascinating world of Indian art more accessible to the world, KYNKYNY supports emerging and established artists – offering a highly curated selection of original and authentic artworks at prices. Since its inception, KYNKYNY has worked with over 300 artists from all over India and has shipped its art across the globe; from Dubai and Lithuania to Australia and Brazil.

Contemporary Indian Art
Contemporary Indian Art

In response to the growing global art market, KYNKYNY launched its online gallery in 2019. provides all of the information and guidance that you need to start a collection or build an existing one. also sources artworks that aren’t available on our website and can commission select artists to create customised pieces, keeping your price range, interests, and current collection in mind. Each artwork is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the artist and gallery.’s collection is well researched and curated to include art across various styles and mediums; whether it is figurative or abstract art; mixed media; oil on canvas or etching. Alongside a programme of online exhibitions, the gallery also hosts a series of quarterly events in Bangalore.


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