What takes place when you attempt to identify the largest US IT hubs? You immediately think of a software development company Dallas, or companies in Austin, Silicon Valley, or California.

However, one more Texas city is quickly overtaking the rest in terms of software development.

Dallas, more especially the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area, is the topic at hand.

Here is a list of Dallas-based software development companies. These are the Big D software companies that you need to be aware of.

Here’s the List of Most Preferred Software Development Companies in Dallas

We are listing the software development companies in Dallas in alphabetical order. It need to be simple to read and navigate.

Each of the listed custom software development companies has a niche market. What they do best is briefly summarized in our company(Th3 Future) profile.

Basal Smart Solutions

A relatively new software development company in Dallas is called Basal Smart Solutions. However, despite being small, the crew has years of IT and development experience.

B2C and B2B software solutions are the company’s area of expertise. The company has been providing software products for various enterprises since 2021. Industries like financial services, healthcare, and retail have benefited from its use.

Additionally, it provides SMBs with services for developing custom software and cloud-based software solutions.


One of the top-rated plus agencies listed by Upwork is Esketchers.

It provides web development, UI/UX design, mobile app development, big data consulting and analytics, AI and machine learning, and DevOps.

The main areas of competence for this software development company in Dallas are Angular and Python development.

In accordance with the needs of your project, it can offer fixed-price or monthly retainer models.

Good Work

The development of websites is the focus of Good Work. It creates websites using Craft CMS (content management systems). Oh, and they also provide website hosting and CMS upkeep.

Despite being a Dallas-based software company, it employs a remote workforce. Both in Europe (France and England) and in America, it has software developers.

Why should you select quality work? If you’re looking for a tiny but welcoming software company in Dallas, go with Good Work. If you need a website (CMS or ecommerce) or mobile app, good work should produce fantastic outcomes.


Mobile app development services are the main emphasis of the Dallas-based software company IGODEV.

It can manage the creation of native, hybrid, and cross-platform apps. Its products are aimed at small- to medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most of the software developers employed by the mobile app development company are located abroad (in Ukraine). Because of this structure, IGODEV can provide its customers with solutions for low-cost mobile app development.

Since beginning in 2018, IGODEV has finished developing mobile apps for: Banking, Financial Services, Food, Healthcare, and Retail.

Why should you select IGODEV? If you are working on a mobile app project, pick IGODEV. It is clear that it is focused on serving startups and SMBs. If you fit that profile, you can utilize its offshore production and expertise.

Latest Trends Related to Software Development

The world needs to evolve, and so did the software development industry. Let’s talk about the trends that Dallas software firms need to be aware of in this part.

IoT’s Use in Healthcare

We have learned from the epidemic to value our health more.

The current difficulty is figuring out how to use technology to maintain our health.

That difficulty is being met by the Internet of Things. Wearable technology and sensors for healthcare are in greater demand. More projects for apps that will manage these gadgets are likely for Dallas software businesses.

Mobile Payments Rising in Popularity

The use of mobile wallets and other contactless payment methods will grow. It is concurrent with the unrelenting expansion of both domestic and international ecommerce.

The deployment of the most recent digital payment systems has accelerated thanks to COVID-19. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, people now choose contactless payments over traditional currency.

The popularity of mobile payments will extend beyond major e-commerce companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. Small and medium-sized businesses are also covered.

This is a great chance for Dallas-based software companies. They can draw in new clients who switch from conventional to electronic payment methods.

Cyber Security

People now utilize the internet more frequently for work, shopping, and pleasure. Therefore, hackers have a greater opportunity to perpetrate cybercrimes.

The numbers show a lot:

  • The annual cost of cybercrime will increase by 15%. They will reach a $10.5 trillion yearly total by 2025, predicts Cybersecurity Ventures.
  • By 2020, three out of four businesses will have been impacted by at least one phishing assault.
  • The FBI estimates that there will be about 7 million new phishing and scam pages created year 2020.
  • Identity theft incidents increased by 68% in 2021 over the previous year, according to the ITRC.

Therefore, software development companies will emphasize cybersecurity more in 2022 and beyond.


Q: How to Choose a Software Development Partner?

The digital agency that best suits your project’s needs is the best, as we underlined previously in this essay.

You can use best practices to guide you in choosing which is most appropriate. Do some preliminary research on the business?

Then ask them about their background and level of technical knowledge. Always enquire about their rates and contract details. Don’t forget to ask them how they handle QA/testing, security, and privacy.

Q: Why Should You Hire a Software Developer in Dallas, TX?

Top software development talent from around the world already calls the city home. In the upcoming years, it’ll probably continue to draw more knowledgeable app developers.

As a result, Dallas-based software companies ought to provide higher-quality development services. So now is the ideal time to recruit a Dallas, Texas-based software developer.

Q: What Makes Dallas Software Companies Unique?

Dallas, Texas’s software development firms are distinctive for a variety of reasons.

The city’s burgeoning tech industry, which can now compete with the best of Silicon Valley’s offerings, comes first. Big D wants to demonstrate that it can offer top-tier software development capabilities as a new innovation cluster.

The variety of industries in Dallas is another influence. Local software firms should have several chances as a result.

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