Why Do you Need Property Management Software?

As a landlord, you may wonder Why you need Property Management Software when you can handle tasks manually, but as your portfolio grows, Property Management can be a difficult and time-consuming task, you may face numerous responsibilities that require efficient organization and streamlined processes from handling daily operations to managing multiple Properties, finances, and tenants. This is where Our Simply Landlord property management software comes into play, it comes up with a wide range of features designed to simplify your various property management tasks.

How does Simply Landlord Property Management software make your work easier?

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: This feature includes lease management, screening, and communication tools, this will allow you to track and store tenant details, manage lease agreements and communicate with tenants through a centralized platform.
  • Financial Management Facility: Covering all aspects of income and expense flow, this facility helps landlords manage their finance easily.
  • Online Listing: Our Property Management software includes features for creating and managing online property listings. Moreover, it offers customizable website templates, listing syndication to popular rental platforms, and tools for tracking leads and inquiries, As a result, landlords can attract potential tenants and streamline the rental application process
  • Maintenance and repairs: Given that Maintenance and repairs are a regular part of property management. Our software allows tenants to submit maintenance requests online. Additionally, it provides tools for landlords to track and manage these requests.
  • Rent Collection: Efficient rent collection is essential for landlords, to address this we offer automated rent collection, online payment options, and integration with popular payment gateways. Consequently, this simplifies rent collection, reduces late payments, and provides tenants with convenient payment methods.


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