The recent technological developments caused by the pandemic added more convenience for business owners, especially in the tech industry. They realize that working from home is very cost-effective and secure too. During the pandemic, businesses experienced major benefits from working with remote teams. Adding different apps and tools to your workplace, one should know how to use productivity and communication apps and software and coach their employees to use these tools as well.

According to estimated information by Global Workplace Analytics, a typical U.S. employer can save more than $11,000 annually per each half-time telecommuter. One of the reasons for these savings is high productivity, low real estate costs, reduced turnover, less or no absenteeism, etc.  Keeping this in mind, one can reap the benefits of working remotely using the following apps/tools.


This is a helpful tool for business owners, freelancers, remote employees, and employees who spend a lot of time entering complex data on spreadsheets manually. Fyle streamlines the expense reporting and approval process and keeps your business on track.

One of the most useful features of the app is that you can use a single click or tap to create expenses on the go and extract data automatically from paper receipts. Also, you can use the same to work across multiple currencies and pay off clients/employees located in any country. Overall, the app is one of the best expense-tracking apps for organizations and teams of all sizes.


The app is one of the all-rounder apps which lets you work with anything and with anyone. If you are a team of freelancers, a small business, or a marketing team running a campaign for a renowned brand, the app will streamline your work. It also makes your business processes/operations more efficient. It makes you productive by letting you create tasks on the go, update and edit them, and collaborate with teams online.

Besides this, you can stay connected with everyone using push notifications, which solves many issues you might face while working on projects, meeting deadlines, knowing the status of individual tasks, etc.


This is a free-to-use business tool that lets you and employees send direct and group messages to other people they work with including team members, managers, etc. You can create different public and private channels and discuss important matters online. Besides this, you can get unlimited access to previously sent and received messages and users.

Also, you can instantly record voice messages and upload and share files and links. Overall, the app is very effective to establish streamlined and meaningful communication with users online. Use Windstream Internet to download and use Pumble and all of its features.


The app makes communication among employees and other people in your remote business more streamlined and your employees more productive. The app also works best when you and your employees collaborate with each other using the app’s business communication channel. Chanty is very easy to use and is a remarkable tool for instant messaging, conducting meetings using one-to-one messages and sending/receiving public, and personal messages with clients and employers.

You can also use some unique features of the app including the Teambook hub, which can let you organize tasks, use pinned messages, links, etc., and keeps older messages within your grasp. The app also has a Kanban board to manage tasks according to their deadline.


The app lets you write, plan, and organize your ideas using a unified platform without worrying about storage space limits. This means that you can add as much content as you can and still not run out of storage space. You can use the app’s drag-and-drop mechanism and create a dashboard, document, system, website, etc.

Besides this, you can share pages, add comments, use more than 20 content types, and organize them. The app works best if you use high-speed internet provided by Spectrum, HughesNet, TDS Telecom, etc.


Many apps and gadgets can help you manage your business, remote teams, and other aspects of your business using a few taps and clicks. To download and use these apps, you can use high-speed internet services in your area and operate your business remotely without worrying about service outages, price hikes, etc.

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