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Dumb money movie review: Dramatized Gamestop stock film based on a real-life story

Trending NowDumb money movie review: Dramatized Gamestop stock film based on a real-life story

Dumb money movie review

The unbelievable real tale of how GameStop’s founder, Keith Gill, fought Wall Street and became a stock market phenomenon. It’s based on the unbelievable real tale of regular individuals who changed the game on Wall Street and became wealthy by making GameStop (yep, the mall gaming shop) a household name. Keith Gill (Paul Dano), an everyday Joe who invests his whole life savings in a single stock and blogs about it, sets the whole thing in motion. His life, and the lives of his followers, will become a public spectacle if his social media postings gain traction. Everyone becomes wealthy as a stock tip spawns a movement, but then the wealthiest individuals fight back, turning the world upside down for both sides.

Read on Dumb money movie review to know why this film is one of its kind:

Keith Gill played by Paul Dano is the star of the show

Paul Dano’s portrayal as stock takeover mastermind Keith Gill is pivotal to the plot. The film depicts Gill, who filmed videos about his investments in GameStop from the basement of his Massachusetts home while wearing a red bandana and kitten-themed t-shirts in homage to his online username “Roaring Kitty”.

The film portrays Gill, a financial analyst who lives in a modest suburban house with his wife and kid and whose major pastime outside of investing is running, as having a regular existence despite his significant online presence, which garnered over half a million followers on his YouTube channel.

From most Dumb money movie review its evident that Paul Dano justifies his casting as the film’s protagonist since he is the film’s unifying force (in both the story and the cast’s chemistry). However, the actor is more known for scary, tragic roles, and these are not such. Instead, he’s taking a much lighter tone and playing it for laughs. In spite of this, he is given a couple telegraphed and highly Oscar-baity speeches that allow him to bring some nuance to the part.

Very interesting Plot

The actual story of two working-class Redditors who became investors and turned Wall Street on the head is dramatized in the movie Dumb Money. The comedy-drama directed by Craig Gillespie mixes together many narratives to depict the GameStop saga of 2021. It is now playing in a small number of theaters and will be expanding in the next weeks. When the early stages of the Omicron variant came, that story, which predominated the news while most people were cooped up at home, had its origins in the practice of large hedge funds investing stock in businesses like the gaming retailer in anticipation of shorting, which is a form of investing that seeks to profit from their declining stock prices. And the characters portrayed by Nick Offerman, Seth Rogen, and Vincent D’Onofrio in the film Dumb Money are those top dogs. Check the trailer below.

But the narrative really took a turn for the fascinating when working-class investors teamed in tandem on the Reddit community r/WallStreetBets to short-squeeze the billionaire investors. This caused a sharp jump in the stock price, which resulted in significant losses for short sellers. The share price of GameStop stock peaked at $483. The short sellers were given repeated bailouts, which sparked accusations that the system was biased in their favor since these individual investors had such a significant influence on the market.

A comic approach to telling a complex stock moment

In January of 2020, a group of amateur traders on the subReddit r/wallstreetbets saw that share of GameStop, an American video game and electronics retailer, were dropping below $3 per.

Wall Street speculators took notice of GameStop’s decreasing stock price and intended to “short” it, wagering that the stock’s value would continue to decline until the company went bankrupt. Redditors began purchasing more shares in GameStop on 11 January 2021, driving the price from $19.94 to $347.51 in a little over two weeks. Some consumers who purchased GameStop stock on January 25 might become millionaires thanks to the efforts of these digital warriors, who drove trading volume for the company to greater than 175 million shares, the day’s second highest total according to Dow Jones statistics.

The movie is being portrayed as a comedy-drama, despite the fact that it is based on a highly complicated event that occurred in the financial market. Even the character played by Paul Dano doesn’t fit the mold of the stereotypical “content creator” who is as obnoxious as heck on YouTube. Dano portrays him very subtly, depicting him not as an infinitely knowledgeable guru or some outré hypeman instead as a kind, soft-spoken maven with a small kid and a supporting wife. Dano’s performance is a full underplay of the character.

When compared to “The Big Short,” this film does not have any admissions made directly to the camera, celebrity appearances discussing the complexities of the equity squeeze method, or explanations of what a forum is. Instead of putting the focus on the plot, “Dumb Money” allows the characters to take center stage and tell the tale. The whole narrative Dumb money movie review has a number of elements that make it seem like it was scripted just for the odd comedy-drama that is one of Craig Gillespie’s specialties.

Potential to appeal to the masses

It is easy to disregard ‘Dumb Money’ because it became a major news event just two years ago; however, the upshot of it was that some people became money and other people didn’t get rich. In spite of this, “Dumb Money” serves a purpose since it is so unusual for regular people to be successful in the sometimes rigged realm of stock investing, particularly at this point in time when capitalism is in its latter stages of decline. Not only that, but who doesn’t take pleasure in seeing wealthy people being taken advantage of? At least there’s some type of payoff in ‘Dumb Money,’ which is something.

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