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Ella Enchanted gave me another reason to admire Anne Hathaway movies

EntertainmentElla Enchanted gave me another reason to admire Anne Hathaway movies

Anne Hathaway movies

If you are a fairy tale admirer, you must have watched a number of Anne Hathaway movies, but not many of those could have combined fairy tale story with modern style humor like Ella Enchanted has. The comic timing and dialogue delivery of Anne Hathaway was already appreciated when she gained popularity through“ The princess diaries” back in year 2001.

But when Ella Enchanted came in year 2004, her acting skills were way more polished and she used modern humor very convincingly. The story of the movie was quite simple where Ella is visited by her fairy godmother. She enchanted her to be obedient and follow whatever she has been asked to. This blessing turnout to be a curse as her step sisters get to know about the enchantment. The sister abuses it against Ella to get their mischievous things done.

But the Ella’s journey to find her godmother to reverse the curse has offered some very interesting jokes and humor was engaging enough to entertain the viewers. But it was not Anne Hathaway’s acting alone that inspired me. Instead there was another reason that you may not know.

The way she sung the songs, won my heart

I loved all three of the songs that she sung for Ella Enchanted, but what I love the most is how professional she is when it comes to her career. It is a lesser-known fact that Anne Hathaway was not willing to sing the songs for the film. She was not sure how audience will react to her voice, and she found it to be a risky decision that can adversely impact the film’s performance. What inspired me even more is that she loves signing and enjoy every bit of it as per her interview. So, the decision of not willing to sing for the movie was not because she did not like singing, but because she was concerned about the film’s overall performance. When makers convinced her that it will connect the audience better, she finally agreed to sing and audiences really appreciated her soothing voice. At that time, she herself might have never imagined how far that role will take her as within one year of Ella Enchanted. Anne Hathaway  won Oscar for her movie Les Miserable which not only was praised by audience, but also gained great remarks from critics.

Convincing acting and immense talent

Such admirable career growth of Anne Hathaway movies is a delight to witness, and I am really glad I was part of her journey since her very first film The Princess Diaries. In that film she wonderfully played role of a shy and clumsy teenager who discovers to be a princess. Her transformation from being not so appealing teenager to a beautiful and dedicated young princess was captivating. Moreover, her bond with her grandma was enough to let her gain global attention as a great new comer in Hollywood.

There is no wonder not only Anne Hathaway but other cast also acted well in Ella enchanted, but Anne’s acting and wit and songs remains one of the main reasons why the film made it a box office success. And not to forget, this convincing movie conveyed a very important message how living the life with freedom is important for us and our loved ones.

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