AI and Machine Learning are not new terms in this world. Both are counted as trending technologies and gaining rapid popularity. Some of the legendary brands, such as Netflix, Facebook, etc., are leveraging it and offering a unique experience to their customers. But here you might have a question although both are fantastic, how to implement these using what? There is one of the top searched questions over the internet, and that is

  • Is Ruby on Rails the right choice for AI & Machine Learning?

You should also ask these questions if you are interested in having machine learning solutions for business.

This blog is with the intention of finding out best of the best answer to the question mentioned above. While reading this blog, a user will have all kinds of crucial information related to AI, Machine Learning, and Ruby on Rails.

With this blog, we have tried to reveal the ultimate secret about how Ruby on Rails is effective for AI and Machine Learning. Before we proceed to explore this blog, let’s have a basic idea about all three. Let’s start with the basic definition.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

The basic definition of AI can be given as the technology that can make a computer system smart. But if we see it technically, then it is the combination of science and technology that can make a computer system intelligent and mimic human intelligence.

The ultimate goal is to make a machine have intelligence equivalent to humans. But it is not the maximum now; however, we can observe lots of advancements.

The whole game of AI starts with a question, and that is – Can a machine thinks like a human being? For the implementation of AI combination of different fields is required, such as computer science, data analytics, stats, hardware engineering, and others.

Whatever you are seeing is just a little percentage of the picture that is broader than we think, and in the future, there will be more things around us, even more than our expectations. AI development services are accelerating fast.

The advantages of AI are:

  • Fewer chances of human errors
  • Innovative infrastructure
  • Better availability of services
  • Digital assistance
  • Easy applications and more.

What is Machine Learning?

Living beings have some learning habits that they learn by themselves. The same goal is with machine learning. Machine learning stands for the AI-based technology that enables a machine to learn by itself based on the data in the form of training sets provided to it. Computer scientists are trying to make machines learn by themselves.

If you are going to ask a question- what is the definition of Machine Learning? Then it is like Machine Learning is a subset technology associated with Artificial Intelligence that empowers a computer system to learn autonomously and improves its learning with the help of neural networks. Another application of Machine Learning is automation.

There are several use cases of Machine Learning, such as:

  • Robotic Process Automation:

It is used to create automation in an intelligent way so the robots can process intelligent tasks.

  • Sales Optimization:

Most of the brands are focusing on customers effectively due to the hard competition in the market. Machine learning solutions can help them to analyze the customers’ sentiments.

  • Customer Services:

I hope you are already aware of Chatbots and virtual assistants. If not, then these are the most trending now these days. Both can help a business handle all types of customer queries the same as the support agents do.

  • Security:

ML can help analyze all types of potential security threats to any organization. It can help to tackle all types of threats, such as cyberattacks, malware attacks, and more.

  • Fraud Prevention:

It is one of the fantastic use cases of Machine Learning. The fintech firms can leverage it to detect any kind of financial fraud.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Do you want to compress the complexity of web apps?


Searching for a better technology for web development?

Then there is only one option, and that is ROR, aka Ruby on Rails. It is an open-source network and web app development framework. Ruby on Rails is a fantastic platform for maintaining websites, web applications, and databases.

Over the past two decades, the legacy of Ruby has been continuous. To date, countless companies have adopted Ruby on Rails technology for developing professional applications. You would also love to know that it has a strong community of developers.

Till now, more than six thousand contributors are associated with it. It is a full-stack framework that offers all features that you need to develop a quality web application.

Using Ruby on Rails, a business can develop a web product like a marketing website, CMSs, e-commerce sites, and custom web applications. It also serves as the best framework for startups as they can easily make their application in a cost-effective way.

What is The Best For Machine Learning: Ruby or Python

Ruby on Rails is such a perfect option for developing an MVP, aka Minimum Viable Product, and the advantages are speed and stability. For the same, credit goes to packages called Gems. This facilitates the developers to create complex applications with ease.

From the machine learning point of view, it does not provide a fast computing speed, and its community is small and not sufficient to have any help for Machine Learning implementation. That is the reason that makes Ruby on Rails, not a perfect choice for developing AI and Machine Learning applications.

If you are really looking for the best choice for developing AI & Machine Learning based applications, then Python web development is the right choice.

There are several advantages of using Python which are:

  • Multiple Packages: The best part about Python is it offers multiple packages for Machine Learning, AI, and other types of computations.
  • Powerful Library: Python’s library is simple but more powerful. It offers all types of features to develop an AI app.
  • Community Support: Python’s community support is robust compared to Ruby’s community.
  • Developer Friendly: Python is a developer-friendly language and is very easy to start programming with it compared to ROR.

The Final Thoughts

Ruby on Rails is a powerful web development framework that offers developers a range of tools to create applications quickly and efficiently. It has been used in many successful projects.

But related to AI and machine learning, you need something much better: Python. Using Ruby on Rails can provide developers with an efficient way to build complex applications in a short amount of time but not the best for AI & ML.

Python’s wide range of features makes it easier for developers to create powerful applications that can process large amounts of data quickly and accurately. If you want to know more about it deeply, consulting with a mobile app development company would be best.

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