Scarves & Shawls are versatile fashion accessories that can add the finishing touches to any look – be it casual or formal attire. Finding the ideal scarf/shawl can boost confidence and add personality.

For an elegant and sophisticated appearance, select something simple in either cashmere or linen fabric. Be mindful of both the occasion and personal style when selecting a scarf or shawl.


Size and weave type determine the size and style of a shawl. A pashmina-woven shawl features thinner threads than those created from cotton or modal, providing it with greater drape and lightness.

Modal and cotton shawls are both woven using double-ply yarn for more precise workmanship and reduced torque on looms which could damage the fabric or cause edges to fray – leading to higher quality shawls overall.

Scarves come in all shapes and sizes. Wool scarves may be thin while classic silk ones may be wider; worn for warmth or style purposes they are an integral part of casual or formal occasions alike.


Fabric choices for scarves can make a dramatic statement about you and how you wear them. There is an array of fabrics to choose from and each can work to achieve different looks; popular choices for scarves are silk, lace, chiffon, and jersey knit; however, there is also an array of yarn options ranging from lightweight cotton for summer wear up to heavier wool yarns for winter warmth – as well as solids prints madras checks stripes or plaid patterns!

Shawls are larger in size than scarves and typically drape over both shoulders and arms for decorative or warming purposes. A shawl can serve dual purposes of adding flair (for instance accentuating formal outfits or covering exposed shoulders in ball gowns) or warmth.

Our selection of scarf for ladies online consists of either large loops that wrap twice around your neck or small loops that you only wrap once around your neck, perfect for cold weather and casual attire alike. They can be made from soft merino wool or silk.


Fabric can make a statement about you and your style. There are lightweight airy cotton, wool, and silk fabrics suitable for summer use and thicker warmer fabrics for fall and winter in solids, floral patterns, plaids, or stripes that provide warmth in weight and thickness.

Blanket scarves, which come in several oversized styles, are versatile enough to serve multiple roles: as a shawl, cape, or blanket. Additionally, scarves can be worn as a headscarf or tucked under the armholes of formal attire, informally draped over the shoulders, or as a neckerchief.

Scarves come in an assortment of materials such as silk, chiffon, viscose, and poly blend for more elegant wear or for practical purposes. Jacqmar of London created scarves with brilliant propaganda motifs during World Wars Two and Three (the 1940s and 1950s), and these scarves are now highly sought-after collectibles. Crafted from fine silk fabric with an inner layer for warmth; their shapes and sizes cater to women of all ages!


Your scarf is versatile and can adapt to multiple styles depending on its fabric choice; silk, cashmere, wool, and cotton scarves feel more luxurious while acrylic and polyester materials tend to offer more casual looks.

Consider also how thick or thin your scarf will be; thicker fabrics will keep you warmer while lighter materials may make for easier wraparound or headscarf use.

Infinity scarves (also called loop scarves) are relatively new on the fashion scene but have quickly gained popularity for their ease of use. Simply throw one on and loop it once, and you’re good to go! They are available in summer-appropriate lightweight textiles like florals or madras checks or heavier wool/silk blend plaids/solids for winter scarves. Available in both rectangularly and triangle styles (you may even find some crochet ones!), limitless scarves can even double as head scarves/hooded shawls!

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