Group travel is one of the best options to explore Uganda –the Pearl of Africa or Rwanda at the lowest rate. With group safaris, visitors get to share the cost on many aspects and this is perfect for travelers on tight budget. It is also ideal for travelers who would like to have something that is exciting and share memories together, such as families, colleagues or companies.

Although many visitors often prefer traveling solo, embarking on a group safari can be more fan. However, this can be achieved when it is well planned and here are some of the main things you should consider when choosing a group safari.


The first thing you must look at when choosing the right a group safari in Uganda, Rwanda or any destination in Africa is leadership. How organized the appointed leader in designing the travel program matters a lot and can guide you whether to join it or not. A good group safari should have the best group leader/2 to ease decision making and also for follow up purposes. Different people could be chosen to handle various aspects of your safari such as accommodation, activities and many others.

Group size

The group size usually depends on the activities chosen or you would like to do. Whereas group travel often helps cut down on the cost per person, it is ideal to consider your travel interest/tastes and preferences/expectation before joining any group safari. In case the group’s agenda isn’t matching your kind of activities, then there is no need to join it.

Travel plan

When choosing a group safari, you must look at the travel plan. Find a group whose travel plan includes unique destinations or with interesting highlights. It can even be easier finding a company/group that fits your travel needs more so if you are an adventure seeker.

The rates

The prices of a safari play an important part when choosing any safari. Let not be lowest rate, but consider someone’s personal experience and carry out adequate research on the various facilities you will be utilizing on your safari. Get to know the kind of accommodation you will be spending a night, and let it guide you if it is worth spending on such a trip.

Responsible policies

The group safari you plan to join, find out the company’s responsible policies. As a traveler, it is important to be responsible enough to ensure that your travel won’t impact on the environment negatively.


You can also check online the different reviews from the past travelers. Read what other travelers say about the company organizing the group safari you plan to join.

Age groups

If you are interested in a group safari with persons within your age range then choose a trip appropriately. Usually, tour operators who plan trips targeting visitors of 50 years and above, they organize activities within their preference. The young travelers often prefer adventure like experiences.


What you plan to do as an individual in a destination should guide you on what group safari to join. Consider a group with related safari activities as yours and don’t join one with completely different activities.


Communication plays an important role when choosing a group safari. Does the group leader effectively communicate to groups about the travel plan? A group safari should have a central place where all members can have access to their group trip information to keep them updated.

Transportation in a destination

The means of transportation plays a great part, and before you join any group safari, know how the members plan to move. Is the means accommodative to all group members or not?

When to travel

Not all seasons are perfect for traveling. If you are looking at engaging in gorilla trekking, game drives or chimpanzee tracking/mountaineering, then the dry season (June-September, December, January, February) is the best time to join a group safari intending to go for such activities.


Check if the group safari you plan to join is traveling to the same destination you plan to explore. If your plan is to visit Uganda, there is no need to join a group safari heading to South Africa.

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