Fantasy sports have revolutionized the real cash games industry with all the boost! It is the most played game among all the ones. There are millions of viewers and users for every match happening for cricket. People have started making their teams for particular matches and winning big cash rewards from the same. In India, people treat cricket as their religion and go crazy for matches! Undoubtedly, there is a different level of passion and enthusiasm for cricket among the whole nation which is why there is an increased demand for fantasy cricket apps

Players come up to make their teams and get rewarded for their skills as well. The rewards can be really fulfilling for the people who are intrigued by such amazing deals. All you need to do is make the teams, score points and take down the winnings. 

The players on a fantasy cricket app can earn a maximum number of points on their chosen players. But, you need to also come up with novel strategies and knowledge to ace such games. For playing on a fantasy cricket app, all you need to do is:

Selection for the match

You need to choose a preferable match for yourself. There are numerous tournaments and leagues happening on a daily basis, so make your choice correctly. So, when you come up on the fantasy cricket app, make your selection and have your planning ready for the execution to happen. 

Create your teams for matches

The users and players need to create the exact team on the playing field, and that team will earn more rewards or even big cash prizes. The players need to do their research before they select the players for the squad they are building. The team creation has 100 points in total that the users can utilize while choosing their players. 

So, make your teams with all the wise decisions and win big with your skills. 

Participate in different contests

The fantasy cricket apps are for everyone where they can utilize their skills and knowledge to win big. But, the players need to have a proper check before they dive into such games and start their gaming journey. 

Practice more and get to know more about the contest happening on a daily basis. 

Research is important before playing

You need to do a whole research before you make your teams on the fantasy cricket app. So, doing extensive observation of every player is necessary. The research lays a foundation for winning on the fantasy app. The players need to do research regarding every player who you need to choose in the squad. So, get going with the research and have your winnings lined down. 


Talking about the different fantasy cricket apps, Fantasy Dangal is one of the fastest-growing fantasy apps to play and win with. It provides you with an enthralling gaming experience that can help you have the ultimate fun and winnings in one go.

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