India is a land of diversity. Many different festivals are celebrated here, and Gangaur Festival is one of them. Gangaur festival is celebrated in the states of Rajasthan and the Nirman region of Madhya Pradesh. It is also celebrated in a few parts of West Bengal and Gujarat. 

The festival is celebrated in order to celebrate spring, harvesting, childbearing, and marital fidelity.

Gangaur festival is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the goddesses Parvati. This festival lasts for 16 days. When some people migrated to Kolkata from Rajasthan they started celebrating this festival there, and now it has been celebrated for 100 years in Kolkata. 

Gangaur Festival is one of the most important festivals for the people of Rajasthan and is seen to be celebrated with great zeal and zest. It is also known as a colorful festival. So as we all know, Gangaur is a colorful festival, so men love to style differently by simply going for ‘lehriya or bandhej’ printed Carti merch.  

This festival is about both married women praying for a good husband and unmarried women praying for their husband’s health, wealth, and long life. Women dress up accordingly, but what about men? Not forgetting their importance we have some styles and tips for men to follow for their festive look.

Men have stepped out of their comfort zone lately and love to go for printed and new trending shirts for men. Below are some styling tips men can redefine this festive season and can simply flaunt out wearing their favorites. 

6 Simple Styles For Men To Flaunt This Festive Season:

1. Keeping it simple

If you are someone who loves to keep your style simple yet attractive, then this style is definitely for you.

You can keep your look simple by choosing Tistabene’s Green Jaipuri printed shirt along with neutral-tone pants or any other trousers you are comfortable with and don’t forget your favorite pair of comfortable footwear.

2. Allow the colors to speak

Gangaur Festival is the festival of colors. Keep your look so vibrant by wearing Traditional Kurta for men. 

You can go with colors like yellow, pink, red, blue, maroon, and burgundy. These colors are so eye-catching and will definitely make your style speak loudly. Pairing them with the contrast color pants, prefer neutral colors along with a perfect pair of footwear to flaunt your look.

3. Ditch solid colors, go for patterns

As we all know Gangaur is celebrated in Rajasthan with great enthusiasm. Then why not go with patterns or prints that define the state? You can ditch solid colors for this festive look and go for Tistabene’s bandhani printed shirts. They are made from cotton, not only are they relaxing and comfortable but also elegant at the same time. Style them with your favorite pants or trousers and go with the most relaxing footwear.

4. Go with the floral

Floral prints are definitely to opt for this time. If you want your look to be eye-catching, then you should definitely go with Tistabene’s Pink Floral Jaipuri Printed Shirt. Pink along with a floral print, you can only imagine how classy it will look when you will try it out.

The color is so vibrant and the print is so elegant. Definitely, a must to go for this time. Style it with a nice pair of comfortable pants or jeans and you are all set.

5. Opt for shirts with more than one color

Remember it’s time to try something unique and classy this time. Tistabene’s red and blue jaipuri printed Playboi carti t shirt is something you can never go wrong with. These colors simply elevate any look. Style it with white color trousers along with the most comfortable footwear and you are all ready for this festive season.

6. Don’t worry about the heat

Gangaur Festival is celebrated during summer this time. And you might be worried about the scorching heat. Don’t worry we got it sorted out just for you. Go with Tistabene’s Jaipuri printed half-sleeve cotton shirts. They are made up of cotton which will allow your body to breathe giving you that extraordinary look. You can pair these shirts with your favorite pair of trousers which should be comforting and well-matched with the shirt.

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