John carter movie reviews

Is the weekend action crowd satisfied with “John Carter?” Well, I guess that makes sense. There’s a lot of detail put into the huge metropolis on legs that tramps through the terrain. John carter movie reviews share that Tharks have a lot of clever ideas, but I can’t figure out why they require tusks. Lynn Collins is a fantastic choice for the lead. And I liked the backstory of how Burroughs appeared momentarily as a character and kept a book of his adventures. Was it appropriate for kids, though? That’s not likely in my opinion.

Romance and excessive use of weapons

Most of the plot has a romantic undercurrent, and as a result, the characters, even the soldiers, wear revealing attire. The buttocks of a guy are temporarily exposed as he is tossed into the tub. John carter movie reviews have also mentioned that it also has few kisses exchanged. The movie’s violence, though, may cause concern among parents of younger adolescents. The level of violence in the film is typical of contemporary family films. The PG-13 rating is perfect for movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and similar adventures. Any third graders who aren’t very sensitive to issues of violence prevention shouldn’t have any problems. The worst scene is when John Carter, bathed in blue blood, is battling an ape with a weapon and the creature falls on him.

Violent battles can be terrifying

A number of enormous airships are engaged in combat on the planet Barsoom in the film’s opening sequence. Multiple explosions occur, killing many of the men on the ships which was already highlighted by critical John carter movie reviews but film still claimed to be safe to watch for kids. Within a minute, a blue mist descends and crushes all except for one of the airships. The remaining ship loses its entire crew as they are vaporised by the blue mist. It all comes down to one guy, who is contacted by three ominous-looking men who promise him the chance to win the battle if he follows them. Several aliens kick and beat the alien dog Woola as he whimpers. Young children may have trouble sleeping for a few of nights while this is going until the John Carter puts an end to it.

I knew from the moment I watched the first trailer for John Carter of Mars that it was likely to be a film that would have a great effect. Since it only had a limited run in local theatres, I wasn’t able to catch it until the Blu-ray release. John Carter of Mars is one of the best movies ever made, and as a lover of action movies, I would put it in the top five. In my opinion, this is a fantastic film that should appeal to audiences of all ages above the age of 10.

Overall, a good film but not so child-friendly

It’s puzzling to me why it was met with such negative reviews at its first release. In any case, half of these self-proclaimed film reviewers wouldn’t recognise a decent film if it bit them in the behind. The Star Wars films entertained me, but I’ve never been a die-hard fan. After hearing positive reviews of the latest instalment, I decided to check it out in theatres. Did that, and was left with just disappointment and with the notion that they produced it only to rake in on the trademark when it was over.

The film has some fantastic action sequences in addition to its exploration of love, sorrow, belonging, fighting for the right causes, bravery, and self-sacrifice. This is a fantastic film, but it is not appropriate for children.

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