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Gems BD Online Price: Almost everything in the world of human beauty is the contribution of nature. Whether worldly or spiritual, nature’s great gifts have continued the course of human civilization and imparted momentum and energy to it. Earth’s surface pressure is also going through various structural changes in nature. Within this is the place of gemstones and minerals. Being highly valuable has increased its practical importance enormously. Humans are aware of the living world but not so much about the qualities of gemstones.

The importance and benefits of stones in astrology?

According to Ratna Shastra certain gems should not be worn together, it may cause loss. Due to gems, the gain is delayed but the loss is immediate. Possession of the wrong gemstone can lead to changes in personality as well as mental, physical and financial problems. Gemology is one of the most important parts of astrology. Just as wearing the right gemstone can bring success in a native’s life, wearing the wrong gemstone can ruin one’s life.

What exactly are gemstones?

What we know as a gem is precious. Emerald, diamond, coral, sapphire, topaz are natural materials. Many consider clarity and beauty to be qualities of gemstones. Although many expensive gemstones are slightly translucent, they are unique in nature. The beauty of gemstones is not only visual; Its speed or brightness depends on the relative weight and hardness of the gemstone. The minerals from which gemstones are derived are inorganic chemical compounds with specific properties. About 3,000 different types of minerals have been found naturally in the world, at least 1400 of them are known by different names. As a result of the definitive identification of minerals and scientific classification, this difference is diminishing. Therefore, astrologers recommend the use of gemstones by calculating the zodiac sign and planetary constellation at the time of birth or in some cases by reviewing the hand lines. I am writing about how gemstones work in the human body.

Importance and benefits of gemstones?

Astrology actually originates from Astronomy and is only its applied or practical part. Now let’s talk about how this science is controlling the lives of different countries, different races, different people and even animals. I am writing about how gemstones work in human body. How a small gemstone can make big planets, is also below.

A radioactive substance transmits its radiation to another substance. As the planets have strong radiative power. The result is disease. Bad luck destroys. Now it is said, Which gemstones to hold? Palmistry or koshti should be done by a well-educated and experienced astrologer before wearing the gem. Never carry gemstones on your own accord or on the advice of a less educated astrologer to create danger for yourself.

Just as holding the right gemstone gives auspicious results, holding the opposite gemstone path can also give bad results. Giving the wrong medicine will not help; Rather complex conditions may arise. Similarly, if the native cannot determine the gem stone required, there will be fear of severe loss. Researching the actual accounting and recommending the use of gemstones will certainly benefit. Among all the types of stones in the world, I am discussing about these few types of gemstones.

If it cannot be determined, there will be fear of severe damage. Researching the actual accounting and recommending the use of gemstones will certainly benefit. Among all the types of stones in the world, I am discussing about these few types of gemstones. If it cannot be determined, there will be fear of severe damage. Researching the actual accounting and recommending the use of gemstones will certainly benefit. Among all the types of stones in the world, I am discussing about these few types of gemstones.

Topaz: (Yellow Sapphire) Gems BD Online Price

Topaz is a clear and beautiful gemstone. Sometimes this stone is also called Pushparag Mani because of its beauty. However, slightly yellow colored topaz is relatively advanced in terms of quality and nobility. Sometimes cut marks or marks can be seen inside the topaz gemstone. If the rough stone is gently rubbed in the gold assayer, the brilliance of the topaz is reduced. The use of topaz increases the native’s efficiency, efficiency, enthusiastic leadership, fame, intelligence, etc. Jupiter keeps the planet fresh. For those who suffer from indecisiveness in various plans of life, topaz is very beneficial.

Emerald Stone – Gems BD Online Price

Emerald is the gem of Mercury. The origin and creation of the mineral emerald is a combination of chemical elements aluminum-beryllium-silpete. Use of emerald stone reduces enmity. Improvement and communication increases in all areas. Mental restlessness is reduced. Efficiency, prudence, business improve. If Mercury is inauspicious in any Jataka/Jatika’s birth chart, use of emerald is beneficial in cases of kidney related, piles, vaginal diseases.

Onyx stone (Garnet Stone) Rashi Ratno Rashirat stone?

Onyx is used if the malefic influence of Rahu is free. Use of onyx increases longevity, frees from enmity, brings peace in family life. Stay free from lawsuits and debt. If any Jataka/Jatikas have bad vision of the arm at birth, that person may suffer from the following diseases. Such as joint pain, bad grief, liver disease, constipation, mild depression etc. If such natives use onyx on the palm of their hands, they will get a lot of benefits.

Red Coral Stone

Coral is used more for health reasons. Coral is a group of marine animals. Billions of these animals live together and after death their bodies condense to form these coral rocks. Coral is an opaque stone. Bright red coral is called blood coral, orange colored coral is called palash coral, green colored coral is called green coral, red and green color mixed together is called matte coral, milky white coral is called white coral. Those girls who are suffering from uterine problems will benefit from wearing white coral rings and pendants. People with chronic dysentery or stomach problems or blood tainted diseases will benefit from using blood coral.

Cats Eye Stone (Cats Eye Stone) Rashi Ratno Rashi Ratna stone ?

Ketu is the gem of the planet. The chemical element silicon-magnesium-beryllium-composite is grown in the mine. Cat’s Eye can be used to stay free from accidents and mysterious complications. Cat’s eye is used when there is secret enmity. Keeps secret enmity free. Golden Cat’s Eye protects against the malefic effects of Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Cat’s Eye If Ketu-Graha is inauspicious in any Jataka/Jatika’s birth sign, the following diseases may occur. In that case, cat’s eye or locket and use on the neck or on the fingers of the right hand will be beneficial.

Blue Sapphire Stone – Gems BD Online Price

Of all the gemstones, sapphire is the most dangerous and rarest. Sapphire also costs more than other gemstones due to its rarity. Sapphire is available in many varieties. Among them are Indra Neela, Gangajal Neela, Pitambar Neela, Star Neela etc. Indranila has the strongest reaction or action among all types of blue. Astrologers recommend the use of star sapphire in large quantities due to its scarcity and high cost at present.

Chemical Composition of Sapphire Sapphire is formed by mining aluminum oxide and other components of sapphire. A red tinged bluish blue is called blood blue blue. Sapphire with a light purple hue is called Aparajita Sapphire. It is often referred to as kashniri nila because it is found in abundance in kashnir. Aparajita blue is not available much so its price is a little higher. If Aparajita blue has a slight yellow tint, it is called pitaswara blue.

If the sapphire is cloudy rather than completely transparent, it is called Gangajal sapphire. Jataka/Jatika is advised to use Neela to overcome the malefic effects of Saturn. Any sapphire is very valuable. No sapphire should be used without the advice of an experienced astrologer. Because the use of sapphire is more harmful than the benefit. The use of blue reduces poverty, suffering, ease in life, work obstacles are removed.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire All those Jatakas/Jatis who are in a malefic position or Rasi get symptoms of various diseases. Diseases such as hard pains, rheumatism, leg injuries and excruciating pains and nerve energy are material. Besides skin disease, headache, hearing loss, pain in head and hands and feet, epilepsy, wearing a ring on the middle finger of the right hand is very beneficial.

Ruby Stone Rashi Ratno Rashi Ratna?

Chuni or ruby ​​is a transparent gem of bright red color. In Arabic this stone is called Yakut stone. A lot of limestone or ruby ​​stone is found in Myanmar, Sinhalese, Bank. As lime or ruby ​​is a very expensive stone, many fakes are available in the market. Under no circumstances should suspicious lime or ruby ​​be used. The chemical composition of rubies occurs in mines in aluminum oxide-copper-sulphate combination. If ravi planet is inauspicious, chuni or ruby ​​should be held on the ring finger of the right hand.

Using it increases reputation, increases money and reputation, increases development of reputation, advancement, gains wealth, success in work. Benefits of Chuni If rubi is in inauspicious or weak position in the horoscope/caste and wears it on the ring finger of the right hand, the use of ruby ​​is also beneficial in diseases caused by old fever, eye problems.

Diamond Stone – Gems BD Online Price

Diamonds are very precious gems. Keeping the diamond keeps the mind cheerful. Increases body beauty, semen and strength. It is recommended to use diamonds to avoid the malefic effects of Venus. Diamond is the jewel of Venus – If Venus is inauspicious in the birth chart of a native, there is a fear of loss of artistic poetry, talent, wife’s love and Rati Shakti. In some cases there is conflict with relatives.

Not only that, there is a risk of physical diseases, especially skin diseases, polyuria, sexual diseases, frequent fevers and dental diseases. Use of diamond as an antidote for malefic and inferior Venus is beneficial. Libra and Taurus natives will get considerable benefits from using diamonds. It is best to use 1 to 1.5 rati diamond.

Pearl Stone – Gems BD Online Price

Of all the stones found in the world, pearls are not natural stones. It is created from the body juices of water-dwelling animals. Mussels, conchs or snails that live under the sea, in rivers or closed ponds, hide their very soft bodies in a hard shell. This shell is known to us as snail, conch or oyster. Because the main animal with the soft little body is not easily caught in public.

If for some reason stones, soil or pebbles get inside this hard body cover, causing extreme irritation for the animal and releasing a kind of juice from the body, they gradually smooth the stone. In course of time the stone loses its original form and color and the juices secreted by the animal’s body gradually become congealed. The normal color of the pearl is pale white or slightly yellow. Pearls are found more in countries like Singapore, Sinhala, Nepal etc. Pearls are also found in Bangladesh.

Turquoise Stone

Turquoise can range from blue-green to yellow. In terms of color, blue green turquoise is the last. Locations: Iran, Mishra, Mexico, Afghanistan, Turkey and Italy are also found in this gem. Color changes to original turquoise. Chemical Analysis Made up of aluminum phosphate and copper. The most advanced is Iranian turquoise.

Benefits: This is the holy stone of Muslim religion. Muslims use more. However, the efficiency of turquoise is very high, the relationship between husband and wife and between lovers can be improved by using this gemstone, family happiness can be maintained. When our prophets and messengers went to religious wars, they used to keep turquoise with them. This gem can keep you free from accidents. Keeps the mind fresh. A person who wears it is protected from the attacks of animals or wild animals.

Before taking steps to wear the stone, you should always consult a good gemologist, especially one who is a genetic gemologist, to get the right gemstone for you, because if you get the correct decision through them, you will definitely get faster results. get well Before taking steps to wear the stone, please consult with Raj Dayal Delowar Chishti, an award-winning gem expert in Bangladesh and India and 43 years of experience in genealogy, Tantric Guru and Astrologer Doyal Delowar Chishti.

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