In this modern era of smartphones, it is very rare to see individuals wearing watches. In the same manner, wall clocks inside the house remain functional and very important in every household. Besides the wall, table clocks are also popular among the population. In comparison to others, people mainly pay attention to table watches properly. Vastu Shashtra places great emphasis on these timepieces along with their placement.

Following Vastu principles, it leads to the continuous flow of positive vibes in every corner of the adobe. Furthermore, the watch plays an important role in everyone’s house and gives an extraordinary look. But, many people are not aware of the accurate location to place these items. In this regard, you can get more details about this exogenous product in this article!!

What is the Direction to Place Premium Table Clocks as per Vastu?

When it comes to décor your adobe, people mainly choose vastu principles to attract other individuals. Moreover, watches signify time, and specific principles are clearly described to ensure they are placed properly. Here are some points to remember while placing/hanging these timepieces:

  • East, West, and North – These three directions are best and ideal for placing these timepieces. However, the south direction is not perfect or compatible with these watches. On the other hand, the west direction should be obtained only if the north and east directions are not accessible.
  • East and North – Both of these directions are best for increasing prosperity in the household. As per Hindu culture, Kubera mainly rules over the north direction. On the other hand, Indra (king of gods) exercises dominance in the East direction. Placing a timepiece in any of these directions can increase prosperity and harmony.
  • Don’t Choose Entrance – It should be taken care that these timepieces should not be placed at the entrance of any home. In simple words, you don’t need to place them at any level of the door frame inside the room.
  • Choose East Direction – It is another best and ideal direction to place these things in the bedroom area. However, the north is also an ideal alternative but it should be placed in front of the south direction.
  • Keep Away from Bed – It is another essential thing to ensure place the timepiece far away from the bed. But, you can place them in the north or east direction because these places are best known in every way.


What are the Vastu Tips to Follow While Hanging Premium Table Clocks?

After choosing the right direction, it is important to focus on additional vastu tips as follows:

  • Make sure not to hang these items in the southeast or southwest directions of the house. These directions are not suitable for bringing prosperity and happiness.
  • Be clear that these timepieces should not run behind real-time. In simple words, it should be run some minutes ahead in real-time.
  • By choosing a musical watch in the house, you can get a positive flow of energy without any trouble. However, if you don’t have this one then you don’t need to hesitate to hang the other one.
  • As per Vastu, it is important to clean these items regularly and make sure to replace them if it is not working properly. In this way, you can avoid negativity in the house and the proper function of these things ensures proper flow of energy.
  • Always choose the color of these items based on the direction in which you plan on hanging them.
  • Timepieces that reflect memories of poverty, bad times, etc., should not be kept inside the room.
  • Don’t place or keep those watches that remind you of grief, poverty, bad times, or loneliness.


What Colors Should You Choose As Per Vastu Tips?

After choosing the right direction and Vastu tips for timepieces, it is time to focus on picking up suitable and appropriate colors. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Select a light color for these timepieces at home like light gray, white, light green, sky blue, cream, and so on. Make sure not to choose darker shades because they may not suit your decoration.
  • If you are planning to hang these timepieces in the north direction, make sure to choose metallic, gray, or white shades. In reality, these shades are perfect for making desirable outcomes in the meantime.
  • Vastu suggests picking up a wooden shade like dark brown if you are planning to hang these things on the east wall. However, dark green is a favorable hue for this direction and gives an extraordinary appearance.


Where to Purchase Premium Table Clocks Online?

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The above-mentioned tips of Vastu for timepieces are significant and may change the flow of energy in the entire home. Furthermore, the advantages of hanging these pieces as per vastu give incredible outcomes.

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