The winners of the “Best Afrobeats” category at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards are Rema of Nigeria and Selena Gomez of the United States. They were the inaugural winners in the category, and their song “Calm Down” was the winner. Aside from the “Song of the Year” and “Best Collaboration” nominations, Rema and Selena Gomez Calm Down lyrics were also selected for a Grammy.

Selena and Rema dating rumors

Since 2020, Rema and Selena Gomez have maintained regular communication with one another, which is the major foundation for the opinion that they may have a love connection in the future. Their persistent conversation gives the impression that they have an intimate connection that goes beyond simple familiarity and has the ability to cultivate profound emotional connections that are beneficial to the development of romantic sentiments.

Their work together in 2022 on the hypnotic tune “Calm Down” further adds fuel to the fire of suspicion. They had plenty of opportunities to spend substantial time together as a result of this creative process, which fostered an atmosphere that was favourable to the formation of personal relationships and may have sparked the beginnings of a love relationship between them.

Rema remarked to individuals that various songs have different resonances with different individuals, but when he came into the recording space, he was simply honestly expressing his truth. This was the case even though different songs had distinct resonances. He acknowledged his satisfaction with the program’s performance. Since he was an admirer of Gomez’s music, he contacted her up when he first began working on the remix of the song. Before explaining their dynamic, the singer began by stating, “Everybody rocks with Selena.” This was before she went on to explain their relationship.

During the event, the pair accepted their award onstage and thanked the crowd for their support. Rema said, “Big shoutout to Selena,” throughout his address. He said raise some noise for Selena Gomez, I say, because I adore you with all my heart. Gomez chimed in with, I appreciate you for everything, Rema, for trusting in myself, and especially for allowing me for being a part in such a great song which is succeeded to set records.

In the end, only Rema and Selena Gomez are in possession of the accurate information on the state of their relationship. Due to the paucity of information that is currently accessible, members of the public are only allowed to engage in conjecture until an official statement or more clarification is issued. Supporters and the media are sure to continue anxiously analysing their every action, as the rumours and conjecture that have been swirling around their relationship for a long time are certain to continue. The rumours that Rema and Selena Gomez are dating will, at some point in the future, be shown to be false, which will keep their dedicated followers engaged and interested.

Lesser known facts about Rema

After the deaths of his dad and brother in 2008, Rema was left as the only earning hand in in the household he shared with his mom and two sisters. As a result, he was compelled to walk away from his family and settle in Ghana. A year later, he returned to the Benin City and received a chance with fellow Nigerian singer D’Prince, who would subsequently sign him up with the record company Mavin Records. After that, he began his career as a musician.

Rema was enjoying a historic victory just before to receiving his trophy at the Video Music Awards. Spotify made the announcement on Sunday that his smash tune “Calm Down” was selected as the first song by an African artist to enter Spotify’s Billions Club. This is an honour given to songs that have amassed over a billion listens on the streaming service

The initial version of Rema’s song “Calm Down” did not include Gomez, but it was included on his first album “Rave & Roses,” that was published in March 2022. Later, the star of “Only Murders in the Building” was added to the remix, which resulted in a boost for the pair on many music charts across the world.

Rema and Selena Gomez Calm Down lyrics focus on the difficulties of making a romantic declaration. Rema describes a girl in yellow who caught his eye at a party and sent his pulse racing in the song’s lyrics. The song depicts a conversation in which the rapper tries to convey his sentiments to the aforementioned female. In the chorus, Rema urges her to “baby, calm down,” presumably because he has come to the conclusion that she is as timid as he is. He’d want to tell them how charming she was and how much she means to him. In the opening line, we learn that when Rema asked this girl to accompany him, she flatly refused. Since she was feeling anxious, Rema told her to relax. He plans to demonstrate that his affections are genuine and that he isn’t interested in playing games with her.

After that, Rema goes home to sleep off her feelings for the girl. But it’s useless; he wakes up with her on his thoughts the next day and she remains there for days. This is why the rapper makes his feelings known in a passionate love confession. His heart is racing because he is aware of the danger; he has suffered much at the hands of other women, and he wants this girl to know how much she means to him.

Rema closes the song by pleading with the listener to “baby, calm down,” presumably in the hopes that his confession has succeeded. Indeed, this is the true import of the song’s lyrics: Knowing the potential consequences, I risk everything and let you in on my feelings for you. But I keep thinking about you, and I really want you to know how I feel and the way serious I am.

Though their chemistry is indeed admirable, but relationship rumour has not been validated yet. Share your opinion in comment section.

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