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You might be keeping an eye on Meghan and harry news, but I am sure you aren’t aware of Meghan’s return to acting in a role that was initially offered to Lady Diana. The split that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made with the British Royal family has made it possible for Meghan to resume her work in the private sector. According to a report in the German publication Gala, she reportedly already has a deal lined up that would make it possible for her to go back to Hollywood.

The article claims that she has been extended an opportunity to star with Kevin Costner for the upcoming sequel to the film “The Bodyguard.” The film company has been considering for some time the possibility of producing a sequel to the critically acclaimed movie from the 1990s that starred Whitney Houston. In point of fact, Kevin Costner has said that, when the first concept was being conceived, he believed that the primary woman of the narrative ought to be Princess Diana, who is also known as Prince Harry’s mother.

Did Diana turn down the offer of The Bodyguard 2

Kevin Costner, an actor from Hollywood, recently said that he had considered Princess Diana for the role of the main character in the upcoming film “The Bodyguard 2.”

He recalled with fondness a chat with her in which she questioned about a scene of kissing in the film, demonstrating her discomfort due to the constant public attention she got. He said that the memory made him smile. Costner gave her the assurance that they would be able to manage the situation successfully. It is a fascinating thought experiment to consider what would have transpired if Diana, Princess of Wales, had agreed to play the lead in “The Bodyguard 2,” but this did not come to pass. Now, a long time later, Meghan Markle is reportedly being considered for the position that Kate Middleton played.

Fans and critics alike are thrilled about the prospect of Meghan Markle appearing in the film because of the attention that has been drawn to her personal life since she left the royal family.

Is Meghan actually that good of an actress

After stepping from their royal roles and moving from the UK to USA in 2020, Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, signed a contract with Netflix for one hundred million dollars. This Meghan and Harry news spread quickly over the internet. The first episode of this documentary series, which is comprised of six parts and debuted on the internet streaming platform in December of last year, has been a tremendous success and has broken multiple audience records for the firm.

The television show has garnered such widespread acclaim all around the globe and is now expected not only to be considered for a Television Academy Award nomination but also to take home the most prestigious award at the ceremony that will take place in September in Los Angeles. But the issue that has to be asked is: Is she genuinely a talented actress, or is all of this hoopla due to her contentious connection with the British Royal Family?

I was already a huge fan of the show Suits before Meghan Markle and Prince Harry started dating. To this day, it remains among my most favorite programs, and I find myself going back to it very often. Having said that, I wasn’t a great admirer of the character Rachel Zane that Meghan portrayed in the show. Rachel had a superior attitude and a sense of entitlement. Because the character aspired to be successful on her own, she developed a strange fascination with the idea that others should be unaware that her biological dad was a wealthy black lawyer. I did not warm to the main character, and I did not think that her performance was very great.

Can British Royal family have an objection?

On January 8, 2020, Meghan and Harry news surprised the world when they declared their decision of stepping back from their role of ‘senior’ members’ of the British royal family. They also said that they planned to divide their time in America and UK and become financially independent. This news was shared on the 8th of January. Even though Prince Harry is still a member of the royal family, he is no longer accorded the honorary title “His Royal Highness.” In other words, Harry has been stripped of his HRH status, a fact that Buckingham Palace made clearly plain in an announcement dated January 2020, as they announced that The Sussexes would not use the HRH titles, as they’re no more senior members of the British Royal family. Buckingham Palace declared that The Sussexes will not be allowed to use their HRH titles. Because Meghan does not now have a title, the British Royal Family are not going to object to her desire to pursue a career in Hollywood because they no longer consider her to be a member of the royal family. Therefore, Megxit has provided her with the opportunity to continue making the risky decisions about her professional life that she has made in the past before getting married to prince Henry.

Can we expect a comeback soon

Even though she signed with a major talent agency in April, Meghan Markle is still having some trouble finding work in Hollywood despite the fact that her return to the industry has shown promise. She has not yet disclosed any particular intentions that she has for next ventures.

Despite her history of success with Spotify and Netflix collaborations with Prince Harry, analysts believe the process is now more subdued. This is despite the fact that it is taking longer than normal to acquire arrangements. If Meghan decides to take the job in Bodyguard 2, it would undoubtedly be fascinating to see her perform the part that was originally intended for Princess Diana. As a result of her long history of taking risks and stirring up controversy, it is not unreasonable to speculate that Meghan, herself, must be finding this return option to be the most profitable. After all, she loves being compared to Diana, even if it brings her into the public eye for all the wrong reasons.

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