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Stay at the Finest Leopard Safari Camp in Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan

Life StyleStay at the Finest Leopard Safari Camp in Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan

Jawai is a place situated near the Pali district of Rajasthan, popular for leopard safari, bird watching and many more. It is a hilly place that makes the leopard spotting more easy. If you are a wildlife lover or like to click pictures of wild animals, then it is one of the finest destinations to capture the wildlife on camera and witness leopards while they are roaming in the jungle.

Here, you can also get goosebumps if you are lucky because maybe you can see these wild cats while they are haunting to fulfil their hunger. But to get a better experience, we all need a place to stay where we can lay our heads every night. So if you want to feel the real thrill and seek the best leopard safari camp in Jawai Bandh then now you land at the perfect place. In this blog, we will explore one of the best family resorts in Jawai, where you will get the finest camping experience.

Which is the best leopard safari camp in Jawai Bandh?

There are plenty of resorts in Jawai where you can feel the real thrill of camps. But when it comes to the best one, we recommend booking your stay at Thour Nature Resort. What do we all want when we are on a trip to hilly places luxurious tents, a bonfire, and many more? So it is a property in Jawai where you will get all the things that can make your vacation memorable and fill excitement in it. Besides this, the resort staff also arrange high tea, bush dinners, and different types of safaris.

It will give you the best thrilling experience that can rejuvenate your soul. When we shed light on the food and dinner organized by the resorts then here you can taste the lip-smacking cuisine in reposts open restaurant. The best thing about the vegetables they serve is that these are totally fresh and directly come from their farms which enhances the authentic taste of food. Now it’s time to discuss the safaris they arrange on the customer demands to make their trip unforgettable.

Types of safaris offered by the Thour Nature Resorts in Jawai?

Leopard Safari

jawai leopard safari

There are many tour operators in Jawai who arrange leopard safari, and you can also book your safari from the government website or physically from the counter. But if you choose Thour Nature Resorts to stay in Jawai, then there is no need to think about leopard safari in Jawai. They arrange different safaris, including this. The finest thing about booking your leopard safari in Jawai from them is that they have a team of localities. They know the spots where you can see these wild cats easily, and it really makes your Jawai trip successful. Along with this, the resort staff arrange bird watching in the morning after safari and high tea in the evening; it can double your enjoyment and make your safari noteworthy.

Jawai Village Safari

jawai village safari

Jawai Bandh is one of the most beautiful landscapes in India. This resort’s management arranges the village safari for their guest, in which they cover crocodile points, historical places, bush dinners, and many more. By confirming your stay here, you can learn the history of the Jawai because they provide driver cum guides who also describe the places you visit. Village safari also includes trekking and other activities. Being a part of safaris rather than leopards is like icing on the cake and adds more memories to your collection.

Jungle Safari

jawai jungle safari

No one goes to enjoy only leopard safari, and to fill more thrill in your trip, the resort’s management arranged Jawai Jungle safari too. On this safari, you can spot other animals like striped hyenas, wild foxes, jungle cats, nilgai, sloth bears, sambhar, and many others. If you are a wildlife photographer, then it is a perfect place to capture the wilderness in your camera and add these photos to your portfolio. It’s our mentality that we always want something extra, so this nature resort in Jawai offers everything to make the trip noteworthy and memorable. So, never miss the activities and safaris arranged by Thour Nature Resorts to spend the nicest and most thrilling vacations.

Summing It Up:

In this blog, we tried to suggest one of the finest leopard safari camp resorts in Jawai Bandh, named Thour Nature Resorts. Along with this, we also mentioned the different types of safaris to do in Jawai bandh that are offered by this family resort in Jawai. To collect different memories and make your trip noteworthy, it is the finest resort. So, if you are planning to explore this beautiful hilly area, then you must try to book your stay at this property in Jawai Bandh and add charm to your trip.

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