Are you aware of the fact that during the April 2016 PE exam, more than 4500 people took the exam? And the wonderful side is that approximately 67% passed it the first time. These were certainly staggering figures, and it looks like most of these candidates embraced all the quintessential tips, including enrolling in a PE exam prep study course, to crack the exam.

If you are also someone who’s gearing up for the PE exam, here are some of the hacks you can implement. Let’s check them out at a glance!

  • Create A Study Schedule

Needless to say, one of the most pivotal steps for effective exam preparation is a well-structured study schedule. For creating one, the following pointers might help:

1. Set Clear Goals

You should clearly define your study goals and objectives. Determine the number of hours that you can dedicate to preparation.

2. Plan Strategically

You might have trouble areas or topics that you might find challenging over others. It is recommended to allocate more time to such subjects.

3. Make The Best Use of Study Materials

Gather reference materials, textbooks, and practice exams, and try to make the best use of them. Additionally, enrolling in a review course can turn out to be your best bet.

4. Break It Down

The smartest move is to divide your study schedule into manageable sections. Zero in on one topic or subject at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

  • Study Resources

Choosing the right study materials is crucial to getting you through this exam. Here are a few resources you should consider:

1. Reference Manuals

Invest in a quality reference manual that specifically covers all the exam topics. That means reaping the perks of the official NCEES handbook is a must.

2. Textbooks

Make use of textbooks to delve deeper into specific topics, especially those in your chosen depth area.

3. Online Courses

As stated above, it makes sense to enroll yourself in online courses or review programs designed purposefully for PE exam preparation. These courses often entail video lectures, practice problems, and study plans.

  • How Long Should You Study?

If you go by the words of many aficionados, they advise three months of intense preparation. While you can extend this period up to 4 months, that would be enough to help you build your schedule and diligently work on your trouble areas. But make sure that for these months you are dedicated, and tell your friends and family that you’ll have no life. Your schedule should entail about 10 hours during the week and another 8 or more on the weekends to clear the PE exam.

While you might endure some difficulties during the start of the preparation process, over time you will get used to it. And when you are dedicated and consistent, you are likely to achieve superb outcomes.

  • Practice Exams

If someone around you has passed the PE civil exam, it’s best to talk to them. Ask them to share their mantras. One of them they are likely to divulge is that they practiced on a lot of problems.

Delving a bit deeper, try practicing a wide variety of engineering problems, specifically those related to your exam’s content. The ultimate motive is to get yourself familiar with the types of questions you will essentially be asked in the examination. Additionally, take full-length practice exams under timed conditions to simulate the real exam experience. This will typically help you gauge your progress and identify areas where you require improvement.

  • Comprehend The Exam Format

It is paramount to understand the format of the exam, including the number of sections, time limits, and types of questions. To your knowledge, the PE exam consists of two parts: the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and the PE exam specific to your engineering discipline.

  • Time Management

It goes without saying that practicing time management is one of the pivotal aspects of your study sessions and practice exams. Allocate specific time limits to each question or section. And on the day of the actual exam, the best bet for you is to first work on easier questions and then come back to more challenging ones later on.

  • Stay Healthy

If you intend to achieve optimal performance, staying healthy during your PE exam is vital. This can be readily accomplished by prioritizing quality sleep in the days leading up to the exam to seal the deal on mental clarity and focus. Additionally, devour a balanced diet brimming with nutrients to sustain energy levels. You must also remember to maintain your hydration levels to avoid fatigue.

  • Stay Calm

On exam day, it is important to remain composed. Keeping your nerves up will play a handy role in keeping you focused. Avoid rushing through questions, and instead, your approach should be methodological. Try to read any instructions meticulously. When you are calm and deliberate, this approach dwindles the risk of misinterpretation and errors. In other words, the simple hack of remaining composed maximizes your chances of success and lets you perform at your best.

  • Maintain A Positive Approach

Maintaining a positive attitude throughout the exam can emerge as your savior. Rest assured, confidence can enhance your overall performance tremendously.

  • Learn From Your Mistakes

After the exam, review your performance and try your best to identify areas where you performed below expectations. This knowledge can be utilized for future attempts if necessary.

Get Connected With the Civil Engineering Academy

As previously stated, enrolling in a review course makes sense, as this strategy can certainly amplify your chances of passing the PE exam. After all, you are under the trained guidance of professionals. Plus, you can ask for assistance for problems that you are having trouble with.

If you are hunting for an elite PE exam prep study course or FE exam prep study course provider, the experts at the Civil Engineering Academy have you covered. Rest assured, by connecting with them, you will do a world of good for your overall preparation as well as brighten your chances of passing the PE exam.



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