If you are a frequent flyer, you probably have seen a lot of hotels on the way to the airport. But have you ever stayed back at one? People travelling on business trips prefer staying near the airport so they can conveniently reach back in time for their flight. But if you are on an extended trip with the kids or elderly members, it may not be a wise idea to stay around the airport. Delhi, being the capital city has several hotels near Delhi airport. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of staying at airport hotels. 

Pros Of Staying At Hotels Near Delhi Airport


The biggest advantage of staying near the airport is there is good connectivity to move around. Airports are a hotspot in any city, so you will always find private and public commutation services to and from the airport to city. If you are on a layover, then you must definitely check out hotels near Delhi Airport. If you have an early morning or late-night flight, staying at a hotel near the airport can save you the hassle of traffic or missing your flight due to unexpected delays.

Gives Time To Relax

Staying in close proximity to the airport saves time in commuting to and from the interiors. If you are staying very close to the airport, you can easily unwind and don’t have an immediate journey ahead. No matter how long or short your flight was, given the check-in times, all flyers begin an early start to their journey.

Best For Business Travellers

If you travel frequently for business, then you must check out Jaypee Hotels, a chain of luxury hotels near Delhi Airport. If you prefer luxurious amenities with spacious rooms Jaypee Vasant Continental is one of the best hotels near the IGI airport. The domestic airport is just 8 km away. You can even unwind post your meetings at the in-house Tamaya wellness spa. The hotel has a lovely pool too. 

Safe Option For Long Travel

Long haul journeys are tiring and you need to give yourself some rest before the next lap of your destination. If you have a long journey ahead and are landing in Delhi as a layover, then you must book hotels near the airport. Not only are you in close proximity to reach the next flight, but it will also help you reduce travel anxiety. Knowing that you’re close to the airport can help reduce stress. You can spend some hours just relaxing at hotels near Delhi Airport

Cons Of Staying At Hotels Near Delhi Airport

Can Be Expensive

When an amenity promises to save your time and offer convenience, it can be a little expensive too. Airport hotels tend to be relatively more expensive than those far from the commercial hub. If you plan to spend a lot of time exploring Delhi, you may find that you need to spend more on taxis or public transportation to get around the capital. In a situation like this, you can look at hotels near Delhi Airport like Jaypee Siddharth. 

Away From The City

In most places, airports are relatively on the outskirts and getting from the airport to the city takes more time combined. Unless you don’t plan to explore the city, you can book a hotel near the airport area. 

Likely To Be Noisy

The proximity to the airport means that hotels near Delhi airport can be noisy. The continuous sound of planes taking off and landing can be disruptive, for light sleepers. So, when you choose a hotel, confirm the space has good soundproofing. 

Lack Of Good Dining Options

Not all hotels near the airport will have a variety of dining options. There could either be limited restaurants or you may not find a lot of local street food items. But if you choose to stay at Jaypee’s hotels near Delhi Airport, you will have 5-star restaurants to choose from. From a proper breakfast buffet to a lavish North Indian meal and other global cuisines, you will be spoilt for choice. 

Limited Amenities

While most hotels near an airport offer a wide range of amenities, many of them are designed for business travellers with limited amenities like a work desk and WiFi connection. But if you’re looking for a hotel with a pool or spa, you will need to look further away. Jaypee Hotels are a good option for hotels near Delhi Airport

Jaypee Hotels: Luxury Hotels Near Delhi Airport 

While we list out the pros and cons for you, if you ever want to stay not too close and not too far from the airport in Delhi, you can rely on Jaypee Hotels. The two branches of Jaypee Vasant Continental and Jaypee Siddharth are located in New Delhi. The latter is a little farther from the airport at 15-18 kms, depending on whether you land at the domestic terminal or international. The Jaypee Vasant Continental is within 8 km of the airport, so you can reach it within a short drive. Presenting a fusion of elegant interiors and modern comforts, the hotels near Delhi Airport provide customers with luxurious amenities and exceptional services. The hotel has a swimming pool, wellness spa, 5-star restaurant and cafes and open lounge spaces to relax comfortably. Head to the official website to know more about their services. 

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