One of the most significant tasks of house ownership is routine home upkeep. It keeps your house from suffering expensive damage, raises its market value, makes it safer, and improves your quality of life as a whole. Making a plan for house maintenance will help make things more manageable even though it can feel overwhelming to stay on top of the tasks.

One of the greatest methods to categorize house maintenance tasks is according to how frequently you must complete them (monthly, yearly, every five years, etc.). This post will concentrate on major home maintenance tasks that aren’t typically on your list of things to do but are crucial to maintaining the condition of your house.

Check home foundation 

Your home is shielded from degradation by its foundation. Visual inspection should be done at least once a year, although many people opt to do it more frequently out of caution. The stability of our foundation is greatly influenced by the weather; soil shifts due to oversaturation and dehydration, thereby damaging the foundation laid on top.

It’s simple to inspect your foundation on your own. Start by strolling around your house outside. Keep an eye out for foundation wall tilting, cracks, or water damage. Recheck the inside for cracks, warped flooring or ceilings, and difficulties opening or closing doors and windows. 

Repaint the outside

Touching up the paint on your house’s exterior does more than just make it look better; it also shields it against rotting, water damage, and mold growth. If you have a newly constructed house in latest communities such as Etihad Town or anything similar, you will not have to worry about painting the house. Most of the properties are constructed with modern building materials that eliminate the need to paint thoroughly.

However, for an old house even though you don’t have to completely redo the paint every year, a simple touch-up can do wonders.

Deep-clean your residence

Nobody likes cleaning their houses’ tight spaces on a regular basis, but doing so once a year maintains your house feeling clean, tidy, and pleasant to live in. A few pointers for a thorough deep clean: Declutter every room of your house first, then begin by organizing high surfaces (ceilings, high shelves, walls, etc.) before moving on to the baseboards and floors.

Deep cleaning for new houses is limited but done after the house completion. Luckily if your house is in a location such as Etihad Town, you will not have to suffer through a lengthy cleaning process. Because the house is more sustainable for the environment the hefty process of maintaining the house is easier. Such locations provide tons of benefits to new homeowners. 

Caulk the bathrooms and other rooms

Your bathroom fixtures must be caulked to prevent leaks, but with time, they can grow mold and mildew and frequently start to look discolored. To maintain your bathroom clean and free of leaks, you should update your caulk at least once every five years (and preferably more frequently).

Purchase a termite inspection

A staggering $5 billion in residential damage is brought on by termites each year. They behave in colonies and eat away at the framework of your house, resulting in costly and dangerous damage that many home insurance providers don’t cover. You should have a professional inspection done every five years or so, but you may check your woodwork yourself (especially in places with little foot traffic, like your attic).

Restore and clean the heating ducts

Your heating ducts can become dangerous when dust, grime, and other debris build-up because it restricts airflow. Every few years, have your heating ducts cleaned and then resealed by an HVAC expert.

Obtain new carpeting

Over time, carpets naturally deteriorate (via matting, staining, and fraying), which lessens their aesthetic appeal. Additionally, despite frequent vacuuming and shampooing, a certain quantity of dust and dirt particles still remain in carpets over time. In addition to giving your space a facelift, replacing your carpets can reduce allergens and even enhance the quality of the air within your home.

What to Remember

Making a strategy for your home’s upkeep reduces the stress associated with it. You can arrange to do significant actions well in advance, such as planning your spending and saving, looking into service options, and blocking off time to finish significant jobs. By maintaining your house in excellent condition, you can live there for many years to come and get the best possible price when the time comes to sell.

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