The electric vehicle market in India is growing as more people prefer cleaner transportation. This increase in EV adoption is also driving the demand for EV charging infrastructure. Selecting the right manufacturer for EV chargers is crucial to ensure high-quality, standardized and reliable charging equipment. There are many charger brands available today. To pick the best, consider these factors: look for manufacturers with experience in the Indian market, choose ones with good quality certifications, review customer service and warranty policies, evaluate product features and pricing, and check online reviews and ratings from existing customers. Doing due diligence in research will help identify top manufacturers of ev chargers in India.

  • Check for Safety Certifications

As EV charging involves high voltages, safety should be your foremost consideration while selecting a charger manufacturer. Opt for brands that design and test their chargers as per national and international electrical safety standards.


Look for certifications which validate the safety and quality of the charging equipment. Reputed manufacturers will have multiple tiers of safety testing and protocols in place. Durability certifications like IP65 for waterproofing also add to the reliability quotient.

  • Seek validators like government partnerships

Quality manufacturers often have their chargers validated through partnerships with government agencies and programs. For instance, their products may be empanelled for government EV infrastructure projects or smart city projects.


Such validators indicate that large public procurement agencies have assessed and approved the technical capabilities and quality standards of the charger maker. Government partnerships reassure you about the safety and fieldworthiness of a manufacturer.

  • Evaluate Their R&D Investments

Reputed EV charger brands invest significantly in R&D to incorporate cutting-edge technologies into their designs. Look for manufacturers with in-house R&D teams and technology partnerships with research institutions.


See if they have capabilities like digital modelling, test labs, automation-enabled production etc. Higher R&D competence enables them to keep improving charger designs, power ratings and features as per evolving EV capabilities and user needs.

  • Check Installation Support Offerings

The manufacturer should ideally provide end-to-end support for installation, commissioning and troubleshooting of the chargers. Look for details like technical documentation, commissioning manuals, on-site assistance by trained technicians etc.


Installation support becomes more critical for larger commercial or public charging stations. Efficient installation and go-live processes reassure you about the quality of deliverables.

  • Consider After-Sales Service Infrastructure

After-sales service is key to the long-term operational reliability of EV chargers. Evaluate the manufacturer’s capabilities on this count – their service centre network, repair infrastructure and annual maintenance contracts or warranties.


Wider service coverage indicates you will get quicker support in case of equipment issues or breakdowns. Having multiple service touchpoints provides redundancy against local disruptions.


Choosing the right ev charging station manufacturers needs a holistic evaluation across safety certifications, government partnerships, R&D strengths, installation support and after-sales service. Leading Indian and global manufacturers who excel on these aspects assure you of smooth EV charging experiences. Do your due diligence to pick quality manufacturers that will stand behind their products in the long run.


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