A logistics company plays a crucial role in supply chain management by handling and monitoring the logistics part. It provides services like domestic or international shipping, warehousing, handling, storage, etc. It is an effective way to move forward with your business in the international and domestic marketplace. You can hire a logistics company as per your requirements and their services will certainly eliminate unnecessary hassle and take off responsibility from you. It is important to compare and know which is the best logistics company in India before hiring one.  

This blog will further help you sort out the best logistics companies in India. So stay until the very end!

Features of the Best Logistic Company 

Shipping Cost

The best logistics company in India  will be absolutely clear to you about their logistics costs. As cheaper rates don’t always mean cost-effectiveness, sometimes logistics companies levy hidden charges and offer no sufficient services as per the disclosed prices Thus, you must understand the services you need and accordingly agree upon price slabs.     

Greater Reach

Make sure that the logistics company you go for has a wider reach. This means they can help you reach maximum pin codes, thus allowing you to scale and expand the business that helps you reach the majority of your customer base.    

Order Tracking

Order tracking is another crucial aspect of shipment and delivery, as a sound tracking system helps you to know where is the package at all times. This enables a trusted and loyal customer base because they can trust you with the safety of their packages. 

Delivery Speed

Timely and fast delivery is the need of an hour and a good logistics company must work efficiently in ensuring the same to their clients. If you are in the FMCG industry, a prolonged delivery period is not acceptable as it may cause a lot of damage to profit margins. You should keep this in consideration and then choose the best logistics company for your business needs.   


Even global e-commerce giants like Amazon, struggle with a high RTO (Return to Origin) rate. However, high RTO rates can be managed with the aid of a reliable logistics partner who can help you achieve your objective of maximizing order fulfilment. Some logistics providers are well-equipped to assist you in meeting delivery exceptions with efficient supply chain handling. 

Logistics aggregators like NimbusPost commit to reducing your RTO rates by 30% through tech-driven logistics and shipping solutions. Their prompt delivery services reduce the likelihood of delivery delays, thus cutting down on the chances of high RTO rates. 

Secured Delivery

No matter the product or pin code reach, secured delivery and guaranteed delivery are two services that may be helpful for any e-commerce business. You can relax knowing that your items are being sent with the highest care thanks to secured delivery services. And you may relax knowing that insurance services will protect against any potential harm.  

Top Logistic Companies in India

Blue Dart

BlueDart, one of South Asia’s leading integrated distribution and transportation businesses has a vast network of resources both inside and outside of India and offers seamless delivery services across 55,400+ locations in the country. Through scheduled and slot-based delivery, they provide clients with the choice of choosing their desired delivery day and time.


One of the leading tech-driven logistics aggregator businesses in India, NimbusPost is dedicated to offering sustainable and innovative shipping, logistics, and warehouse fulfilment solutions to global e-commerce businesses. They cover about 29,000+ pin codes in India with a network of 27+ top courier partners and their global footprints run across 196+ countries. 


One of the biggest and most well-known logistics companies in Indian e-commerce logistics, Delhivery manage logistics for about 7,500 companies in India. They are renowned for their on-demand delivery options, which include scheduled deliveries such as next-day and same-day options.   


To handle large or light goods, high-value commodities, and even dangerous goods like dry ice and lithium batteries, FedEx is well-equipped with qualified staff and top-notch shipping services. Additionally, they help in handling customs clearance for intrastate and interstate goods.      

Ekart Logistics

Ekart began as Flipkart’s in-house distribution hand and has now expanded to offer logistical services to several other e-commerce businesses  They have gained a lot of popularity due to their affordable prices and rapid delivery. 


To maximize supply chain and logistics solutions both locally and internationally, DHL has an extensive distribution network. For its warehouse services, DHL Logistics is the first choice of several SMEs and MSMEs. Their extensive network enables them to minimize environmental impact and cut down on the quantity of waste that occurs during supply chain operations.           

Ecom Express

This well-regarded company offers big online retailers end-to-end e-commerce logistics services. They offer additional safety and monitoring services, which makes them a top choice for businesses that deal with expensive commodities like jewels.


For hundreds of brands, both locally and internationally, Shadowfax has a track record for offering reliable logistics. In addition to in-transit storage options for first and last-mile delivery, they provide efficient marketplace and warehouse pickups.     


Pharmaceuticals and large, heavy things like machinery are just a few of the many products that Xpress Bees handles and deliver promptly in some cases. They can also assist with customs clearance for deliveries taking place across international borders.   


It serves a 10,000+ client base throughout 17,500+ pin codes, and large e-commerce companies makeup 75% of its clientele. DTDC offers warehouse fulfilment to businesses and COD (cash-on-delivery) services along with various other simple and adaptable payment methods. 


Choosing the most suitable logistics partner for your business needs is indeed a difficult task! Even so, it may be simplified by first selecting the top Indian logistics service companies. Instead of choosing from over a hundred logistics providers, you just need to choose which ones are the best. 

Know what services you require so that you may decrease expenses before they arise by enhancing your operational effectiveness. You can check out NimbusPost, one of the best logistics companies in India that connects you with the top couriers and helps you enhance your supply chain management 

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