YouTube is the most popular and reliable source of entertainment even today even though it is free. YouTube is the second largest search engine and has more than 2 billion monthly active users. The proof of how engaging YouTube is ourself, that we spend hours over the platform watching random videos. YouTube rolled out a feature called “shorts” in March 2021 and it instantly became a hit among users. YouTube shorts are one of the user’s favorites due to their engaging interface and short duration. 

There is no reason why you shouldn’t use YouTube shorts in marketing strategies. You need to embed YouTube shorts on your website to drive more traffic and increase the dwell time of users which results in lowering the bounce rate of the website. This is the reason why many businesses opt to embed shorts on their websites. Various social media aggregator tools make the embedding experience easy and smooth. Let’s have a look at the top five tools you can opt for your website. 

Best Tools To Embed YouTube Shorts On Websites 

Here are the top five tools which help you to embed YouTube shorts on your website. 

1. Tagembed

Tagembed improves user engagement to your website with overall engagement when you cost-effectively embed YouTube shorts. To select what type of content you want to show, you’ll get several options like keyword, channel URL, playlist, or location. You can easily customize the presentation after you have selected the things you want to display. You can also pick the fonts, themes, layouts, and styles that best fit your website. To track the performance of the YouTube shorts widget for website, Tagembed provides you with background support by giving an analytics feature. 

2. Idukki 

To embed YouTube shorts on your website instantly, Idukki makes it very easy and simple. By gathering all your YouTube shorts into a single gallery, you can add easily. In which order do you want to see the shorts, with Idukki it is easily possible to modify them. 

You can customize the widget after collecting the information by selecting from several layouts, themes, colors, and design components as per your preferences. Idukki also offers an automatic feature to display the order of the shorts which is based on the time each short was posted. 

3. Embed Social 

To create and display their own YouTube shorts on their websites, Embed Social enables users easily. By using a simple code, you can show the whole YouTube shorts feed on your website. Your website will stay in sync if you make any updates. Within a few seconds, it permits you to embed layouts, feeds, or sliders. When your website users visit the website on a smartphone, this tool will provide a professional look to your widgets. Embed Social will provide YouTube hashtag widgets, playlist widgets, and channels are the other three widgets apart from YouTube shorts widgets. 

4. Taggbox

To compile a collection of shorts from YouTube based on a playlist, keywords, channel URL, or region, you can embed YouTube shorts widgets on your website in simple steps with the Taggbox. With a sophisticated moderation tool, the Taggbox widget is equipped that allows you to remove the things that are not related to your search. This widget gives you the shorts that are most related to your interest. With a straightforward process, you are eligible to embed the shorts widget on the website through an embedded code that you can paste on the backend where you want to display the shorts on the website. 


When you use the widget, embedding a social network feed on the website and showing it in the manner you want are all simple. Creating a personalized YouTube shorts feed on your website can be easier with the widget. It converges your YouTube shorts into one location. By constantly updating the material, it can maintain the relevance of your website. Your website users will not get bored with the same content. By using, you can develop confidence and gain your customer’s trust for your website. 

Why Brands Opt To Embed YouTube Shorts On Websites

When brands embed YouTube shorts on their websites there are some benefits they get. Some of them are mentioned below. 

1. Improves SERP Ranking

To improve rank on Google search engine ranking pages, good quality Youtube shorts are also one way. You can improve the chances of ranking higher when you embed YouTube shorts that are SEO optimized on your web pages or websites. 

2. Makes Your Website Visually Appealing 

Websites are the brand’s face in this digital world and the visitors often determine the brand’s reputation and authority by visiting the website. It is very crucial to have a visually appealing website that brings consumers to the website and boosts their browsing experience. What is the best way then embed shorts on the video to make a website lively? 

3. Gives A Sneak Peek Into YouTube Presence 

You can embed YouTube short playlists from your YouTube channel with the help of social media aggregator tools. With the help of this, your website visitors get a sneak into your YouTube presence as well and they also have the option to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 


To make your web pages and websites more engaging, you need to embed YouTube shorts on your website. You can pick any tool for this task that is aforementioned. Your video content-sharing experience will be result-driven apart from just being smooth. Go through different tools pricing and features before you select one for your website. 


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