Top Automotive YouTubers in India

The current age is synonymous with high-end technology and digital platforms. We have traversed far lengths in this century, some traversed by walking, some traversed by automotives. 

Automobiles have always been in the craze since its inception. Now we have vehicles cruising in multiples of hundreds per hour. The sound of engines, roaring exhausts, and heartbeat-skipping experiences are what the majority desire for. Amidst those, some have the guts to walk another mile and showcase what they achieved. 

In the realm of digital platforms, what can be more suitable than social media platforms like YouTube to share experiences? Automotive YouTubers are rising in awe and subscribers. They provide various content revolving around automobiles.

Top Automotive YouTube Channels in India have engrossed much fanfare for their authentic content where the top Indian automotive YouTubers present reviews, journeys, experiences, performances, etc. 

These top Automotive YouTubers in India have also opened avenues for influencer marketing for automotive brands. Working in tandem with a top influencer marketing company, they have completed numerous paid collaborations and brought huge returns to automotive brands. 

We have compiled a list of Top Automotive YouTubers in India based on their engagement, authenticity of content, and subscriber base. The list includes: 

Top Automotive YouTube Channels in India

  1. Anurag Dobhal
  2. Irfan Chaudhary
  3. Jasminder Singh
  4. Rachit Hirani
  5. Aamir Majid
  6. Autocar India
  7. Rahul Joshi

Anurag Dobhal

The UK07 Rider is one of the top automotive Youtubers in India. The platform is owned by “Anurag Dobhal” also known as ‘Babu Bhaiya’. He creates various bike-related videos where he showcases his exceptional driving skills, superbikes, journeys, beautiful destinations, etc. 

The UK07 Rider has a lot of bikes and cars. Recently, he acquired Supra MK5. he recently worked with Unacademy for paid partnership collaborations promoting Scholarship tests. 

Irfan Chaudhary

Irfan Chaudhary runs one of the top Automotive YouTube Channels in India. The channel is all about preowned cars and bikes. He tries to find great places for his followers to get good offers on preowned cars and bikes. 

Irfan Chaudhary is one of the car YouTubers in India who provides great reviews and testimonials through physical inspection. He intricately examines every car and bike and shares the various features, comparisons, prices, discounts, etc. He also has a very in-depth understanding of automotives and through his videos, he educates the automotive fraternity. 

Jasminder Singh

Jasminder Singh is considered one of the top Indian automotive YouTubers in India. He has a huge following and appeal among his followers for his ‘Desi-style’ and epic commentaries. He owns numerous superbikes like BMW S1000RR, Kawasaki Ninja, Suzuki Hayabusa, etc. 

Jasminder Singh has covered many national and international trips on his bikes. He loves daunting and exhilarating experiences. His videos are mostly about his bike rides, places, Do’s and Don’ts, etc. His recent trip was to Ladakh and he created a video about it titled “Don’t go LADAKH before watching this !!”

Rachit Hirani

Rachit Hirani is one of the best automobile YouTubers in India. The channel is dedicated to in-depth and original car reviews. Rachit reviews all the latest cars and provides his genuine feedback. He thoroughly inspects automotives talking about features, mileage, parts, engines, and everything which is great for his followers who want to buy new automotives. 

Rachit Hirani has also categorized his content based on his follower’s choices like interviews, Features, GIIAS 2023, Electric, road trips, etc. 

Aamir Majid

Aamir Majid is one of the top YouTubers in the automotive industry. He earlier had another YouTube channel for car lovers with 2.7 M subscribers but he lost it and then he started this new channel. Which has gained more than 255K subscribers in no time. 

Aamir Majid recently created a world record by taking his supercar DC Avanti to Khardungla top which is situated at a height of 17982 ft ASL. 

Autocar India

Autocar India is a YouTube channel for car lovers and bike lovers. This channel presents various automotive industry-related news, reviews, etc. The channel is operated by Top Automotive YouTubers in India. The channel created engaging videos where they review each latest car in-depth. Recently they reviewed Tata Nexon facelift, Mahindra’s Thar.e electric concept, Ola Electric’s. 

Autocar India also provides details on car comparisons of the same range. Till now the channel has more than 2.23 M subscribers and the content has been viewed more than 866M times. 

Rahul Joshi

Rahul Joshi is one of the top Indian automotive YouTubers. He curates various contents like car first impressions, product impressions and overviews, covering and filming newly launched cars, etc. He aspires to start vlogging about travel destinations and journeys too. 

Rahul Joshi has amassed more than 1.92 M followers with total views nearing 378 M views. He has reviewed many cars, car audio systems, etc. He is quite popular among his subscribers for his spontaneity and courageous nature.

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