Having the budget for Umrah is not an easy process for every Muslim. The budget of Umrah varies from individual to individual. Some Muslims want to perform Umrah on a very high budget, while others have different budgets.

Muslim community gives a lot of respect to Umrah (the lesser pilgrimage to Mecca). Performing Umrah clarifies your past sins and gives you memories for future life.

Suppose you are planning an Umrah journey and want a perfect budget. It would be best if you didn’t miss the opportunity to read this article. Take it a blessed one. This article will discuss different factors and tips that affect your Umrah budget.

For making a budget for Umrah, firstly, you should understand the cost of your pilgrimage. The cost effect on the following:

  1. Visa
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food
  4. Transportation
  5. Flight tickets
  6. Shopping in Mecca and Medina (optional)

Set a budget in advance:

Setting a budget in advance can make a lot of expenses less. For making a budget, you can take packages at different prices from travel agents. They will let you know the prices according to your customization. All you need to know is to tell the agent about your requirements, such as number of people, level of accommodation, private or public transportation, etc.

To make a perfect budget, follow the below points:

  • Be flexible with your dates
  • Choose the class of your accommodation (3, 4, or 5 stars)
  • Set a transportation level
  • Arranging the food
  • Set a shopping list

Arrange your budget and start booking:

After setting a budget, it’s time to arrange that budget for package booking. It’s best to book early because sometimes early booking can lead to discounts and special deals. Most of the time, airlines give discounts on early flight bookings.

To arrange your budget in a manner, you need to follow some instructions:

  • For the best budget, you may opt to travel in the off-peak season
  • Consider travelling in an organized group
  • You can choose shared accommodation
  • If possible, do less shopping
  • Take public transportation
  • Be persistent and understandable

Once you have arranged your budget and booked the travelling, it’s time to take care of some expenses during your travel or journey.

Getting the August, September, October, and November Umrah packages is equal to the opportunity you complete your journey easily on an affordable budget.

Use the airport’s Wi-Fi:

Some airports offer free Wi-Fi for their valuable clients/customers but with certain restrictions. For example, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton and Stansted Airports offer free Wi-Fi in the UK. Usually, the period is 1 hour or 30 minutes to use the free limit. After that, you may have to pay. Some airports require to register contact information to use Wi-Fi. Please read the Wi-Fi policy. You can avoid paying more to your SIM providers for data roaming using this free Wi-Fi service.

Avoid bulky checked luggage:

If you have a lot of things in your luggage, it can lead to paying more. Airlines have policies that how much luggage you can carry. For allowance luggage, there is a criterion (fixed weight) for the free luggage. If you pack above the free weight, you must pay charges to tag your luggage. A normal weight allowance policy ranges from 25 to 30 kg.

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Bring your food for the airport:

It’s not the food that you get during the flight. You will typically receive meals, snacks, and drinks from the airline. But we are talking about if you feel appetite on the airport lounges, you should carry your food because the eatable items in the airports are very expensive. So it will make you too many expenses.

Use credit/debit card offers for the airport:

Some airports offer discounts and services by using credit/debit cards. Sometimes, the airport lounge access can be accessed by credit card. Before boarding a flight, you can use this service to relax in the lounge while consuming food and drinks. This service could be helpful to you if you are travelling with kids.


Umrah on a budget looks complex, but it can become easy if you care for some things. Remember never to see your budget line if you have been selected for the Umrah, then thank God. Because it’s a great opportunity for you to be selected among the millions of Muslims, following the tips discussed in this article can make your pilgrimage more smooth and comfortable.

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