Marriage is such a bond, which not only binds two people but also connects two families together. Love marriage/marriage is a lifelong association, which two people perform together. Many people say that matches are made in heaven and this is true to a great extent. Love marriage is present in the horoscope of many people. It is a well-known fact that this is such an auspicious yoga, planet, and house that can bring love into your life, due to which your life will be happy. Know the important yoga, planets, and expressions for love marriage in the horoscope, which tells how the marriage will be in life.

Meaning Of Love Marriage In Astrology

To analyze and predict love marriage in a horoscope, you need to know the planetary and house positions and astrological expressions in your birth chart. The planets in your Kundli and their corresponding relationships can predict the possibility of a love marriage. Along with this, it also tells how your life partner will be and how the relationship between you and them will be after marriage. Also, by understanding the importance of these details in your horoscope, you can easily find out the inter-caste love marriage in the same religion.

Similarly, many yogas are formed in the horoscope, which makes the native aware of both positive and negative effects. One of them is the yoga of love marriage, which increases the chances of a person’s love marriage by being formed in the horoscope of the native. And it is formed due to yoga and the conjunction of planets, change, transit, etc.

According to love marriage astrology, there are 5 and 7 houses that play an important role in creating love marriage yoga in a horoscope. Apart from this, an analysis of the 8th or 11th house is also done to check the signs of marriage yoga in astrology. This yoga is positive for the native because when this yoga is formed in the horoscope of the native, he can marry with the person of his choice and lead a happy life with his partner.

Important Planets For Love Marriage


Venus is considered very responsible for marriage, love, and romance. Venus acts as a natural indicator of marriage. This planet provides information to the wife of men. That’s why Venus is a very important planet in the case of love marriage while preparing the horoscope of a love marriage in astrology.


Mars represents male energy. Mars tells about the details of boyfriends in the affairs of girls. Mars represents our inner passion or fire. In Nadi astrology, this planet represents the husband of the woman.


The planet Mercury is mostly misunderstood for the support of love marriage. This planet has the nature of a prince who always wants to enjoy and have fun. It communicates youth energy. In Nadi astrology, it also shows friends of the opposite sex, so it is very important to have the right condition of Mercury planet for the correct information about how to go for love marriage yoga.


Rahu represents desires. The planet Rahu represents everything that is against tradition or social norms. It makes a person sensual and infuses the Will Power to enjoy life.


In Vedic astrology, the planet Moon is the symbol of your intelligence. The negative placement of the Moon in the horoscope results in stress, thoughts, and an attitude of despair. If the Moon is in a favorable position, the person is blessed with happiness, enthusiasm, and peace of mind. According to astrological advice, the position of the Moon in a man’s horoscope is a major factor when considering a love marriage. And the powerful position of the Moon gives a beautiful woman to the man. 

Important Houses For Love Marriage

Seventh House

It is a relationship house it plays important responsibility for all kinds of partnerships, marriage partners, sex partners, romance partners, etc. Seventh House also tells a lot about our marriage and married life. Therefore, this house is an important planet for the sign of a love marriage, without the cooperation of this planet there can be no happiness in the relationship.

Fifth House

The fifth house gives information about romance and affairs, so it is very important to check this planet in the horoscope to check love and romance. The fifth planet should be a perfect partnership for a love marriage. The planets situated in the fifth house are also considered equal partners for love and romance.

Eighth House

The eighth planet gives information about physical intimacy, sexual pleasure, etc. The eighth house also indicates things that are a mystery. It does not have a direct effect while checking marriage yoga in horoscope but it plays a very important role in love and relationship.

Eleventh House

It provides us with benefits, success, desire, and important information about our friends and family relationships. The eleventh house is not considered responsible for love yoga, but it is a very important house for family relations.


Love marriage yoga in horoscope from astrology Moon with emotional and sensitive signs plays a very important role while predicting love marriage. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces are more prominent in the horoscope of lovers for love marriage. If you are born with Moon in these signs, then you have a better chance of a love marriage than an arranged marriage, through online astrology consultation.

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