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What Is Conference Management Software?

Tech SoftwareWhat Is Conference Management Software?

Conferences can be hosted in all shapes and sizes, and there is an increasing demand for event planners to be more focused on conference management. Deciding the budget, optimizing resources, keeping track of the team, data analysis, and more things to consider in order to run everything smoothly. There is a need to oversee the successful execution of the event from start to finish. With multiple aspects, organizers are looking to find more streamlined solutions, and the evolution of modern technology has made it easier for them. With the use of conference event management software, it can streamline the process and reduce the burden on their shoulders. 

In this blog, we will understand the concept of using conference management software and what are its ideal features. Additionally, we will discuss the process of managing a conference.

What Is the Use of Conference Management Software?

Managing a conference can be a tedious task, especially when there is a lot of manual work is involved. If you are using a virtual conference platform, then you will get all the tools that can easily manage the event. But as an event planner, if you are spending a considerable amount of time and resources on manual tasks. Such as registrations, venues, promotions, etc. then investing in conference management software is a must. It will help in navigating multiple tasks such as keeping track of attendees, managing staff, promotions, and more. It will help you in achieving your goal at a reduced cost and increase productivity. 

Features to Look For in the Conference Event Management Software

In order to identify the best software for conference management, you need to go for one that can automate the tasks for your event. It should perfectly align with your goals like if you want the business to grow, retain the customers, reduce the manual workloads, maximize ROI, etc. Even if there is a virtual or hybrid conference platform, it should be capable enough to gather information and manage it. In order to power your conferences of different shapes and sizes, there are a few features that should be looked into before selecting software.

Managing the Registrations

For any event, managing the registration and keeping track of it across different platforms can be a bit tedious. There can be registrations from a microsite, landing page, or any promotional medium. So conference management software should be capable of handling and managing all the registrations done through different platforms. It should be able to manage and streamline the registrations with personalization based on the attendee preferences to enhance the experience.

Check-in Management

This is a crucial part of the event, if it is done successfully then it will enhance the attendee experience, and if not they might lose their interest before the event starts. Give them a streamlined and enhanced check-in experience, and managing them should be made easier with conference event management software. Because there can be different options through which the check-ins can be made. Such as badging. RFID, QR codes, event apps, etc. so the software should be able to streamline the process based on the type by keeping track of all the data.


A fully functional conference management software should be capable enough to automate multiple processes in order to streamline the tasks. Most of the little tasks during an event can be time-consuming and daunting. Such as sending out emails, engaging the attendees, lead generation, capturing data, and more. With the help of multi-functional software, these tasks should be automated and streamlined so that you are able to focus on other important tasks. 

Data Analysis

When opting to use software for meaning your conferences, it should capture all the information from registrations to event feedback. No matter if you have integrated a hybrid conference platform, the software should be capable enough to manage the data. Because there can be a few things that can be missed, which can be important to calculate the ROI of the event. So, advanced data analytics should be provided by the software that will help to know if hosting the conference was a success or not.

The Process of the Conference Event Management

In order to organize a conference, requires a lot of thorough planning so that everything can be managed easily. And each step that is included in the conference management process should be well-thought-out, and the list of those steps is listed below.

  • Decide on the objectives and goals of your conference.
  • Finalize the budget for the conference.
  • Set up the operations before the start of the conference.
  • Decide on your speakers, leaders, or who will be representing the conference.
  • Set up the marketing campaign, a microsite, or an event app to engage the attendees and boost registration.
  • Integrate with new technologies in order to enhance the experience like hybrid or virtual event platform, RFID, etc.


Using conference management software is a must-have in order to streamline the workflow and automate multiple tasks and processes for an event. It can provide multiple benefits, such as saving time, reducing work pressure, and more. But in order to use and leverage them, you need to find software with suitable features that can fulfill all the requirements.

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