As organizations worldwide are switching to the cloud, it is indeed important to get familiar with this clouding solution. Additionally, also train your team and provide the necessary resources and right skills to get the most out of a given cloud technology. With the increasing demand for cloud professionals exceeding the given supply of talent; many businesses today are looking for new and cost-effective solutions to keep up with the pace. When you are Google Cloud certified it ensures you are well proficient in Google Cloud technologies. Moreover, being certified exhibits to your prospective employers, you are efficient in maintaining and implementing Google Cloud technology working within a company’s workflow. Take a GCP Course to move in the correct guided direction. Taking help from experts in this field will make you a proficient player in this domain. Indeed, they a worth noting as professionals, that all companies are looking for. 

What is Google Cloud certification?

Google Cloud certification signifies you have finished Google Cloud training and are adept in the GCP. Google Cloud services consist of cloud storage and backup, managing databases, developer tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), acquiring machine learning, and most importantly analytics. 

Companies using Google Cloud services in place of Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure may prefer employees with a Google Cloud certification. Certainly, saving a significant amount of time and expense in training. There are nine Google Cloud certifications available. You can choose the most useful to your career and area of work. There are;

  • Google Cloud Digital Leader
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Data Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Workspace Administrator
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Why Become GCP Certified?

You have the opportunity to stand out among candidates looking for a job with the proper means of certifications. Having a GCP certification exhibits that you are indeed a strong candidate for a company working on the GCP. It additionally demonstrates your exclusive range of skills and helps you to work at more companies.

The Google Cloud Platform is certainly winning the market share. And every year this rise is increasing with a greater number of usages. Google Falls is one of the most in-use cloud providers at present. Also, many companies have a multi-cloud strategy. Thus, learning all about it can certainly be beneficial in all aspects of the career.  

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Types of Google Cloud certifications 

Though there are many types of certifications available. But choosing the correct certification depends upon your needs and goals in the future. Therefore, choose the most ideal platform for all your requirements that satisfies your goal in the future. 


A Google Cloud Foundational certification indicates your vast knowledge of cloud concepts. Also, some of Google Cloud’s products, other services, tools, key features, advantages, and other use cases. 

For this certification, you need to have experience working in a collective role with different other technical professionals. However, you do not need any kind of technical requirements. After this certification, you can work as a Cloud Digital Leader. 

Associate certification

An associate certification shows you have the core fundamental skills to deploy as well as maintain Google Cloud projects. For this, you need a minimum of six months of experience working on Google Cloud to pass the exam. 

Professional Certificate

A Professional Certificate demonstrates you can easily perform crucial technical job functions. Adding some advanced skills in designing, implementing, and further managing Google Cloud products. These certifications need at least three years of cloud environment experience and one year of working on the Google Cloud platform. 

Choosing the best certification for you

Keeping in mind your future goals while choosing the proper Google Cloud certification. If you look to work in a cloud role in a big company that makes use of the GCP. Your Google certification can be of immense benefit.  


When you have various cloud certifications it makes you an attractive candidate. Ans certainly offers more options when looking for new job opportunities. It exhibits your capability to work on different cloud platforms. With Google Cloud Professional Online Training in India, you can add this expertise to your knowledge. It will be the best medium to prepare for this certification and become a certified member. Since more and more companies are switching to cloud environments, this certification can help you stand out among all other candidates.  

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