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Why Dettol Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre is the Ideal Choice for Large Workplaces

BusinessWhy Dettol Hand Sanitiser 5 Litre is the Ideal Choice for Large Workplaces

The Covid-19 pandemic jolted us out of a trance and forced us to focus on our health and fitness. Maintaining a clean environment, improving our immune systems, and practising personal hygiene have become more important. Though life is returning to its normal pace, lingering concerns remain about returning to schools, workplaces and busy establishments.

As a business administrator of a large place, you must encourage practices that will keep your staff, visitors, and customers safe. Your focus should be motivating your staff to wash and sanitise their hands regularly to avoid spreading infection. Hand hygiene products are the most important among these.

Hand Hygiene

According to the WHO, one of the leading health bodies of the world, good hand hygiene practices help prevent the spread of several respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. The two main hand hygiene practices recommended include: 

1. Hand Washing

2. Hand Sanitisation 

Washing hands regularly with soap and water is the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease-causing pathogens. In public places where handwashing may not be feasible, good-quality hand sanitisers are necessary. Along with other safety and hygiene practices such as disinfecting desks, wearing masks, and cleaning floors and other surfaces, hand hygiene is the key to protecting your workplace from the spread of Covid-19 and other diseases.

Why Pick Dettol Hand Sanitiser? 

For over 90 years, the Dettol brand has earned and retained the trust of Indians regarding germ protection. Dettol hand sanitiser eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and other germs. The product is also a fungicide and offers complete hand protection. 

The Indian Medical Association recommends using Dettol hand sanitisers, endorsing the product’s efficacy in preventing infectious outbreaks in officers and public spaces. Dettol hand sanitiser 5 litre is available, making it suitable for large workspaces. Placing Dettol sanitiser in places like the main entrance, near reception areas, the elevator, and outside the cafeteria can be a positive step towards making your workplace safe.

Buying Dettol Sanitiser for Your Workplace

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, most businesses have reported a considerably higher expenditure towards cleaning and sanitation products, causing a major strain on the budget and creating concerns regarding inventory management.

The Dettol Pro Services website addresses these concerns and makes bulk buying Dettol products easier for small and large businesses. The inventory planning tool on the site helps business administrators and housekeeping managers plan their inventory needs accurately.

Buying in bulk through the site also offers discounts of up to 40% on the price of the Dettol 5-litre pack and other products, translating into a smooth inventory flow and great savings for your business. You can also avail of additional offers and benefits when ordering for the next 12 months. The site also offers free shipping to select cities.


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